Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Moss Rumors Heat Up

The Randy Moss trade rumors have been running pretty hot recently, as nearly every NFL team has at one time been linked to the enigmatic receiver. But what team seems to have the inside track right now for Moss?

Green Bay. The NFL has seen some players cross the line to bitter rivals, (Lyle Alzado comes to mind immediately), but Moss might take the cake. But Brett Favre to Moss would be a pretty fun to watch.

If that deal does not happen, then the NFL should force the Raiders and Cowboys to make the inevitable T.O. for Moss deal, once and for all.


Anonymous said...

Randy moss playing for Green Bay would be perfect, one more overrated, underperforming offensive player would be par for the course for Green Bay.

Too bad Lawrence Phillipps wasn't also available for GB.

Fucting loser Packers!!

bucky said...

Fucting loser Packers!!

Hey lumps, it would help your efforts to stay anonymous if you could fix your spelling. That's almost as much a dead give-away as your flatulence.

Willis said...

Seems like Moss' attitude would be more suited for a warm-weather team with a quality QB.