Thursday, March 08, 2007

Maybe Duke Should Sit One Out

Listen Duke, you gave it a good run, but maybe this isn’t your year. How about giving a team that doesn’t cheap shot opponents a chance to be in the tournament. Don't worry about us, the sports viewing public. We will get plenty of Coach Krzyretyukjdhfgski during his endless rotation of Chevy commercials that will run during the tournament games. Maybe this year he and Gomer can film a commercial for Applebee's. Can't be any worse than last year.

Speaking of Dook, our friends, Truth About Duke found a reverse angle of the Gerald Henderson cheap shot.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

even with the loss, don't be surprised when Billy Packer and Dick Vitale quibble when the Dukies get a low seed.

Pete Carril said...

Duke is Duke, they are on TV more than Leave it to Beaver


Mini Me said...

Coach Krzyretyukjdhfgski


Seitz said...

When did Pete Carril start talking like Pete Gillen?

bucky said...

A low seed? Duke will get a 3, which will make Billy cry.

And why is Pete Carril stealing lines from Pete Gillen?