Thursday, March 15, 2007

March Madness Time

And what are you doing here? There are games to watch. Luckily, THN's biggest client doesn't believe in March Madness and so yours truly won't be in Las Vegas until tomorrow. But if you are stuck at a desk today, Zach has put together a list of places that will be live-blogging the event.

Hopefully you all have your brackets in and were smart enough not to include Nevada in your Final Four like me. That's right, the Wolf Pack is going to the Final Four. Nick Fazekas tournament MOP. Would have put UNLV in there, too, but believe that Florida is going to win the whole thing. UCLA and North Carolina also should be going, also. The good thing about picking a team like Nevada to go all of the way is that you know where you will stand early. Because really, Creighton is good, too.

Now most sites around here have been advising people to go chalk in your brackets. And hey, you might even finish in the top ten if you do that. But where is the fun? Like you can brag about picking Ohio State to go all of the way. (Not that Florida was a ballsy pick.) There has to be a solid balance between picking smart and then adding a little flavor to your bracket so you have something to root for.

And hey, when Nevada loses in the first round, you all will have a place to come and laugh.

Update: Anybody having problems getting that "free" deal from CBS? So lame.


Sun Devil said...

Sorry, Adam. I have some bad news for you about UNR. I have them going pretty far.

Better luck with your bracket next year.

Conrad Bain said...

March Madness blows... the most overrated event in the sporting year. Despite all the hype about how anyone can win, the little midcard programs always get hosed (no, I don't want to hear about the year M.H. Kalin Tech almost beat UCLA in the Sweet 16.) The worst part is the yearly ritual where every over-the-hill recreational softball jock in Cubicle Land wanders around gibbering about his brackets. The best aspect of March Madness is knowing that Mr. Rec Softball will get raped by his bookie.

Minor-League Town said...

Dude, you're in Vegas more often than James Caan.

DJR said...

Let's go 'Cuse! Oh, I thought that the NIT was the big dance.