Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kobe a True Dookie

Kobe Bryant was expected to attend Duke, had he decided to attend college. So should it be any surprise that Kobe has been suspended for a second time this season for punching a dude in the face? Because hitting defense players is the Duke way.

Just ask the Kentucky guy that still has Christian Laettner’s heel-print tattooed on his chest.

And don't worry Kobe, after getting away with it, too, the Duke Lacrosse team still considers you an honorary member.


yiddish steel said...

The Duke LaCrosse Team got away with it?! Is that what you said?! That's hilarious, Adam... Really. A $10 trash barrel ho with a history of mental instability and a penchant to party until the money rains who can't keep her story straight and a D.A. who decided that actually interviewing this ho wasn't tantamount to building an actual rape case, let alone the now-unsubstantiated charges he bestowed on 3 young guys that has just about ruined their lives. It's fukkin' hilarious.

NFL Adam said...

Yeah, but did you see their pictures? If they didn't rape that girl, they were obviously guilty of something.

yiddish steel said...

I did see their Yearbook pictures and their mugshots; both bad. If they're guilty of anything, it's bad haircuts and latent acne scars. But, the raping or "false imprisonment" of that ho', they are not guilty of.