Friday, March 09, 2007

Jake Plummer: Future Raider?

Could Jake Plummer end up with the Raiders? That scenario was predicted by Conrad Bain last year and the Tampa Tribune reported that a deal to land Plummer has been discussed with the Bucs, who own his rights.

The Raiders have not responded to the speculation, but it wasn't long after the report surfaced Wednesday that football pundits began suggesting this might explain why the league has yet to receive Plummer's retirement papers.

With the Raiders in the market for a quarterback, there was talk in league circles that the Bucs might try to make Plummer part of a deal for Moss. The hole in that theory, of course, is Plummer's supposed retirement plans.

But the absence of retirement papers has created a new theory. It is also being speculated that Plummer is not contemplating retirement and that he could be attempting to force the Bucs into trading him to Houston or another team of his choice.

Yeah, send him to Oakland and really teach him a lesson. But a move to the Raiders would make perfect sense for Plummer. He wanted to be in the Peace Corps, so instead of going to some far away land, he could set up shelter in the Black Hole and try to teach some of the miscreants to read.

And hey Jake, instead of being fined by the team for flipping off Broncos fans, you will become a legend. Heck, could you imagine the abuse Plummer would receive leading the Raiders into Invesco Field? The league should make this deal happen.


CB said...

I really do believe in Santa Claus.

Sun Devil said...

This can not happen.

Anonymous said...

Did Marty's retirement papers make it to the NFL office too? How's that Norvel thing going to work charger faithful???