Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fixing the Play-In Game

Only a truly hard-core degenerate gambler watched the play-in game on Tuesday night. (THN had Niagara.) That's because the NCAA is has horribly mismanaged the game. Nobody wants to see Niagara, Florida A&M, UT-Corpus Christi or any of these other curtain jerkers. So instead of bottom feeders, put in a couple of “marquee teams.”

Like Duke.

If having the Blue Devils is so important to the tournament, why not make them fight it out in the play-in game? There is no reason Niagara and Florida A&M should have their vacation cut short. If Duke wants in so bad, make them earn it. The Blue Devils and Stanford were probably two of the last teams admitted, make them play it out, Enter the Dragon style. Now, you probably don’t want them to be No. 16 seeds, and that’s cool, so you can have them play into a No. 9 seed. But having them play would have at least kept you interested. Who wouldn’t have watched Duke v. Stanford in the play-in game Tuesday night? Everybody would have. If for nothing else, to see the Duke players cry when they lost.

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