Friday, February 23, 2007

The Weak Ender

The Boston Celtics introduce a dance team this season and what happens? Red Auerbach and Dennis Johnson end up dead. Coincidence?

Probably. Hey, it's not like the Celtics haven't had their share of people dropping dead in their history. Len Bias, Reggie Lewis, M.L. Carr, et all. The Celtics drop faster than Kennedy's.

And yet, Magic Johnson has lived with the HIV virus for 18 years. The Lakers are still getting over on the Celtics.

Maybe this should serve as a warning to Greg Oden and Kevin Durant, as they might not want to leave school early to enter the NBA if Boston is holding the first pick in the draft. Just saying is all.

  • Who wants to party with Pac Man Jones? Idiot. Pac Man is like that guy who joins a bachelor party as one of those creey friends of a friend. He is the kind of guy with a stupid nickname (like Pac Man) who wants to impress the group so he starts throwing his money around. The kind of guy who volunteers to go pick up some booze, only to return with a bottle of Tequila Rose and a case of Zima. Then he will proceed to plead his case by saying that Zima has more alcohol than beer and you’ll drink it, (because it's delicious), but you won’t have to like it. Then this guy throws his money around at the strip club and you then have to kind of laugh at his dumb jokes because he paid for your cover making the whole party uncomfortable. In other words, he acts just like Bill Simons. (Although the Sports Dork's posse probably hasn't killed anybody.)
  • The Maloof brothers were quiet during the whole Tim Hardaway thing. Although Gavin Maloof was reported as saying that they wouldn't employ a homophobe. Not quite the damaging words that you would expect from the Maloofs. But maybe its better that they kept a low profile during the whole thing. The Maloofs deserve a lot of admiration for being such pioneers, and the classy way they have handled the whole Hardaway situation illustrates just how sophisticated they are. They are a true inspiration.
  • Gomer Manning is being universally praised for redoing his deal. Now the poor fellow is going to have to find a way to survive on his endless endorsement deals.


Corey Dillon is retiring and hey, where is Peter King to trump his Hall of Fame credentials? If Tiki Barber is a slam-dunk, why not Dillon? Let's look at the numbers.

Dillon: 11,241 rushing yards, 82 touchdowns
Barber: 10,448 rushing yards, 55 touchdowns

Now, to Tiki's credit, he was a much better receiver than Dillon and it's not close really. (Comparing him to other pass-catching running backs, Tiki was no Marcus Allen.) But Dillon was a Super Bowl champion whereas Barber was a non-factor in the Giants Super Bowl loss. Both guys deserve to join Tim Brown in the Hall of Average.

UPDATE: Peter King responded to THN's email question: Is Corey Dillon a Hall of Fame running back? King's answer: I don't know.

He'd probably have an answer if you asked him about Starbucks, but he can't condescend to talk about the NFL evidentially.


Fletch said...

King shouldn't go so far out on a limb like that - it could break.

Lil Hater said...

Barber caught more than twice as many receptions as Dillon, and only had 5 more recieving TDs. That's terrible.

Barber only averaged one TD for every 50 catches? That's terrible, too.

Even the hall-of-average Tim Brown got a TD for every 10 catches.

As far as mediocre running backs go, Ahman Green scored on one of every 25 catches, Edge James, 1/35, the useless Charlie Garder, 1/35, Warrick Dunn, 1/25. I could go on.

And Barber had god knows how many more fumbles.

I'll say this, if your team was facing a 3rd and 15, no guy could get you 8 to 10 yards better than Tiki.

Fletch said...

Hey..Charlie Garner wasn't that bad. For a few years (notably, 1999-2002) he was the poor man's Marshall Faulk, averaging over 1700 APYs. His 7100 career rushing yards are tied for 46th all time.

Most importantly? He was in the Top 10 amongst RBs for fantasy purposes for three years (1999, 2000, 2002). ;)

Dillon is a borderline HOFer in my book, especially when you consider he spent 7 years in pre-decent Cincy.

Bill Simmons said...

You are a sick fuck. Die.

The Sports Prick said...

I like hot women. I like it when people find excuses to post pictures of hot women.

But why do we have to come up with an excuse in the first place.

Let's start posting pics of hot women with no relation to the story. It will change the world. Like democracy.

WastingCompanyTime6 said...

that whole "I'm going to call Peyton by his real name" thing only lasted a week. How very Nick Saban of you.

Old Skool Raider Fan said...

Norve Turner!!! Nice fucking team. The RAIDERS will finsh above the pussy Chargers next year!

Mini Me said...

It looks like Dillon doesn't actually want to retire. Why does he want to be released though? New England will give him the best chance to win a title. Well hey, maybe if Thomas Jones is traded than the Bears will sign Corey Dillon.

NFL Adam said...

Saw that Dillon just wants carries now. He has his rings.

Sports Prick - trying to find a way to tie in a broad to the Weak Ender is my art.

WCT - he's still Gomer. Sorry.