Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tommy Really Into Orel

Oops, that should read oral. (And Tommy’' belief that oral sex is not cheating is the only thing keeping him from being implicated as the father of Anna Nicole's baby. Although he certainly was her type.)

Sports By Brooks has obtained an excerpt from the Hollywood Madam's book on the Tommy Lasorda encounter. The transcript is kind of interesting. Well, mostly disgusting. That's a visual that you don't really need. And while it is always entertaining to make fun of blowhards (pun intended) like Lasorda, it is important to remember that this was a transaction between consenting adults. The only person Lasorda has to answer to is his wife.

So it is time for Tommy to drop the whole indignant charade that he is going to sue the book's author or even deny the encounter happened. Expect Tommy to say that he is taking the high road and you will never hear him mention it again.

Some people might ask why Tommy paid for sex and the easy answer is because he can afford it. These stars like Tommy, Charlie Sheen, Eli Messiah, Bruce Willis, etc. pay for sex because they want an anonymous girl who will keep her mouth shut. That is why Hugh Grant was caught with a Hollywood hooker and not some house wife from Aliso Viejo who will blab the whole thing to her bunco group.

Thanks go to Awful Announcing for this, too.


NFL Adam said...

Scott was right, I did get to use that tag again. And sorry Blonde, there was no information if Tommy sprung diamonds.

Seitz said...

These for sex because they want an anonymous girl who will keep her mouth shut.

Hey, how's that working out for them?

Wonder if Tommy shelled out a little cash when he filmed that commercial in the sorority house last year.

Diane said...

given that fat tommy would barely acknowledge his openly gay son who died of aids, i can't tell you the glee i feel watching him involved in a sex scandal

TJ Rubley said...

Isn't baseball season over yet?

Anonymous said...

Needs more Bish

Sanchez said...

Heck, if there actually was any woman who could keep their mouth shut, why then she'd be worth her weight in gold...


Nice blog btw.

Sanchez (

Mini Me said...

Ok that picture has to hurt.