Monday, February 12, 2007

Thank You, Marty

Marty Schottenheimer might not have ever won the Super Bowl with the Chargers, but it is hard to argue that the team is better off for having him as coach. Schottenheimer instilled a winning attitude in San Diego that was desperately needed. The Chargers were a freaking nightmare prior to Marty's arrival. The lingering effects of the Ryan Leaf era hung over San Diego like the June gloom. Hiring Marty seemed like a questionable decision at the time, but Marty molded the Chargers into a consistent winner, as he had done in Cleveland and Kansas City.

At this point, however, it is time for somebody else to take the keys and drive this thing home. Marty has a history of building consistent winners, but he also has that history of playoff failures. The time is now to see if another coach can get the Chargers to the next level, like Marty did when he raised the Chargers from the depths of the NFL. Whomever takes over is going to have a hell of a football team to work with. Just as long as it is not Norv Turner.


Diane said...

All the coordinators are long gone - it will be a totally new staff next year - I truly hope they find success

NFL Adam said...

I hate to admit it, because I like Marty, but they might be better off.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the previous teams that fired marty? They ALL sucked much worse than when he arrived. Enjoy your upcoming 7-9 season, Bolt Douches.