Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pat Summitt's Gams

First, if you ever see something really cool happen on ESPN (or sports in general) and you want to find it immediately on You Tube, be sure to check Awful Announcing. This dude is always on the ball. Including tonight's appearance by Pat Summitt who made her first cheerleading performance since the eighth grade. Bruce Pearl was lambasted for showing up to a Tennessee women’s game shirtless, wearing orange paint on his chest and cheering on the Vols. And people will likely poke fun at Summitt.

Why do people have a problem with this? Being a hater is cool, but not in this instance. The actions of Summitt and Pearl were pretty cool. (And you know THN's stance on the SEC.) The NBA regular season is completely unwatchable and the players hardly care so it is refreshing to see a couple of coaches that actually get into it and support each other. You could even argue that Summitt did more for women’s basketball tonight than the WNBA has done in a decade. (Although she might have sent cheerleading back a few decades.) The only thing that kind of ruined the moment was the ESPN announcers acting like schmucks. (Surprise.) This would have been a perfect opportunity to keep their traps shut. (Luckily Gomer's singing saved the day.)


insomniac said...

F*ck me. Between With Leather having the hotties and AA w/ the YouTube clips, I'm running out of ways to carve a niche for myself.

Maybe I can just write exclusively about basketball for the next month and try to compare any modern action to that of the 80's Celtics. Is there anyone on the interweb doing that?

Sun Devil said...

That was the most disgusting moment in TV history. That bitch and the Stanford cunt are the only thing stopping ASU from winning the NCAA Fur Burger Tournament.

She set back erections at least a couple months. Even THN must admit her trying to mount the cheerleader pyramid was the grossest thing in college sports history, with the exception of Ohio State's 1997 Rose Bowl 'victory.'

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

Hey sun devil, did you just get out f jail or something?

Simon Cowell said...

Oh. My. God.