Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lil' Hater: Numbers Game

Can you explain, at all, why people are stating as gospel that Norv helped "improve" Alex Smith as a QB last year? Like he's the next Unitas or something? Smith threw fewer TDs than all but 5 professional football teams (and the Raiders) last year. 16 TDs, 16 picks -- that's worse than Favre. Most teams fire their offensive coordinator for that kind of season.

And he got to play against teams in the league's worst conference. The 49ers passing offense was terrible, esp. when you consider all the teams were trying to stop Gore and the running game. Yeah, he was better than in 2005, he went from awful to lousy. Whatever. Smith by and large has been a bust considering his high-draft status.

Hey, this moron thinks its a great idea to hire a "nice guy" as a head coach -- yeah, having a wuss with no spine on the sidelines; that'll help instill a culture of accountability and a fear of failure in the players ...not. Has a "nice guy" ever won the big one? I say no. (Dungy doesn't count, he's so intense he drove his kid to......never mind.)

Can't wait until some third-string receiver gives LT a cheap shot during practice and Nice Guy Norv does nothing about it. Again.


Norv would have to go 24 and 4 just to match the record of Dave Wannstedt (universally derided as an two-time loser, over-his-head coach).

He has to go undefeated for 3.5 seasons to match Belichick's Cleveland-tainted record.

He has to go 53 and 1 to equal Coryell's record.

He has to go 35 and 1 to reach the majestic heights set by Tom Coughlin.

54 and 12 over the next four seasons? Still will have worse record than not-exactly Canton-bound Denny Green.

If he goes 15 and 1 for five straight seasons, he'll still be behind Joe Gibbs.

He has to go on a 29-17 tear in San Diego just to match the illustrious standard set by THN-trademarked Ted Marchibroda-line.

Suck on that, Elias.


Sun Devil said...

Jerk is a label now?

What would he have to do to match Dennis Erickson?

NFL Adam said...

Probably hit the booze a little bit harder.

Conrad Bain said...

I bet Erickson's liver looks like Norv's neck.

Rick Venturi said...

The Chargers wanted to name me the head coach, but they said I wanted toomuch money.

Pacifist Viking said...

Sure, I'll explain it. 16 TDs to 16 INTs is a major improvement over 1 TD to 11 INTs.

Lil Hater said...

If you have a 350-lb wife who goes on a diet and loses 50 lbs, I guess that's a major improvement, too. But I wouldn't go around gloating about the wonders of the South Beach Diet; I'd still be questioning why I was stuck with a 300 lb wife.

Pacifist Viking said...

It's a much bigger improvement than that. We're talking about a 1:11 TD:INT ratio (1:11!) into a 1:1 ratio. An 8% increase in completion percentage. Maybe Smith's average, maybe Norv Turner sucks, I don't know. But that a pretty whopping improvement.

NFL Adam said...

I would even concede a little to Norv's offensive coordinator skills, but like TJAlex said, the record as a head coach speaks for itself.