Thursday, February 01, 2007

Great Moments in Super Bowl History

Jerry Rice finally loses in a Super Bowl.

Not sure that it made Cris Collinsworth feel any better, but it probably did. Chad Erickson over at has an excerpt from Rice's tell all book where he talks about a variety of topics, including Super Bowl XXXVII. He is what he had to say about that game.

"We (Raiders in Super Bowl) weren't prepared, we weren't ready and we weren't focused. So when the opportunity came to speak up, I did ... I could tell by their body language they weren't interested (listening). ... seemed to take the loss as just another regular-season game. They were just happy to have made the Super Bowl, apparently."


Diane said...

It might have helped to change up the playbook after Gruden left too

NFL Adam said...

That's just details.

Anonymous said...

What did Rice say about the schalking that the 49ers gave the Chargers? Wow, that was a great game. Did Marty coach that one?