Monday, February 19, 2007

Dear Spanos Family

Please move the team. Really. Move the damn thing to San Antonio. You almost get the feeling that the Spanos idiots are trying to pull a "Georgia" by running the team so far into the ground, the town's people will help move the team. That has to be the only explanation, right? Nobody with any semblance of rational thought can believe that Norv is the best candidate to run the team. Didn't they realize that the Raiders were two automatic victories during his tenure in Oakland?

Listening to the interviews have been a riot. The common refrain from the Spanos is that it is unfair to judge Turner’s coaching ability by his coaching record. Uh, sure. But it’s not all doom and gloom, there is a new Last and Ten.


Signal to Noise said...

Honorable mention that didn't make Last and 10: Norv Face.

Boy, oh boy is he fun to watch when he's flustered and confused, which is often.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with ole "Norvel". Wow, maybe after practice, he will have time to pick up Dean's laundry or wash Smith's car. For both tasks, Turner gets props from Big Al.