Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cheerleading Hall of Fame

The Mighty MJD posted this little dity over at the AOL FanHouse about an NFL Cheerleaders Hall of Fame. Yeah, Cheerleaders Hall of Fame.

Current Hall of Fames, be it baseball or football, display items such as cleats from Pete Rose or Johnny Unitas, the nail file used by Joe Neikro or maybe the knife Ray Lewis hid from the authorities prior to the Super Bowl in Atlanta. So what will they display at the cheerleader’s hall of fame? MJD suggested that historic sports bras might be on display. Although the implants used to fill out those sports bras might be a better bet.

But the hands-down first item that has to be enshrined is the bathroom stall the Panthers bimbos performed their sex act in during a road trip to Tampa. Maybe the broad that Renee Thomas smacked around could introduce the display. As long as the display includes a reenactment, this idea can’t fail.

THN has to recognize our man Doug over at Our Book of Scrap who actually found this story on Monday, before the rest of us Steve Bisheffed him. Looking at the picture Doug used, everybody (including the Insomniac's Lounge, missed a perfect exhibit... the hole in the wall at Veteran's Stadium that Michael Irvin (among others) used to spy on the Philly cheerleaders.


Anonymous said...

What about the Texas high school cheerleading mom that hired a hit man?

Will Leitch said...

Now you're giving credit to your sources? Some of them, at least?

Keep stealing, THN.

NFL Adam said...

I'm sorry, who are you again?

Fletch said...

Love your label. When do you suppose we might see another post regarding "lesbian sex acts in a cheesy..."?

Rob said...

Next to CAPPY, the fake Will Leach might be my favorite commentor.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

i'm all about that USC song girl who is never quite sure when it's appropriate to cheer.

her arms may be a nice addition to the gallery.