Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chargers Fans Can Be Dopes

A truck in the Shore House parking lot on Sunday was littered with Chargers stickers. Seems like the typical THN reader, right? Thought so, anyway. So a card was left on the truck, inviting the owner to take a look around the site. Here was his response (from a Chargers fan, mind you):

To: The_Haternation@yahoo.com
Subject: your pathetic

First you leave a card on my vehicle to promote you pathetic site.
Raiders suck. For one thing most of the Raider fans a punk asses like you.
You can stick your card and your web site up your ass. (Female dog).


Obviously, Boltman John was given too much credit, like believing that he was literate. The Calvin pissing on a Raiders logo should have been a warning sign that John’s oars weren’t completely in the water. Haven’t we advanced far enough in society that we can communicate without using a Calvin pissing sticker? In any event, Boltman John is obviously a sports transvestite—a Raiders fan trapped in a Chargers fan’s body. Boltman John is the kind of guy who likely wishes that he was a Raiders fan, only he doesn’t have the huevos to knife a guy.

And John should realize that he doesn’t know the face of THN, but we know what his truck looks like. Something to think about on Sunday.


Anonymous said...


CB said...

It's just amazing... the dopes who come here and think you're running a Raderfan site. Maybe the truck belonged to Merrill Howard Kalin.

NFL Adam said...

Nice pull CB.

Diane said...

If you're going to get in bar fights, you really should hang out more at Turcs or Clancy's

NFL Adam said...

It would make more sense, huh?