Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Bish Is Back

In what has to be considered the journalistic equivalent of The Magic Hour, Steve Bisheff is back and writing for ESPN.

Oh no, not the mothership, ESPN, but ESPN Radio 710's website. So much for walking away gracefully. Even columnists can be addicted to the limelight, evidentially. Although, writing for a local radio station's website isn’t exactly the big time. This experiment reeks of Jose Canseco trying to become a knuckleballer for the Long Beach Dirtdawgs (or whatever they were called) independent minor league team. Like, could you imagine that Jim Murray would be blogging for some local radio station website after he was fired.

Oh that's right, Murray was with the LA Times until he passed away.

The column continues to be as timely as ever. From Monday’s intro:

I know it’s old news by now, but this blog just started on Friday. So allow me to say Rex Grossman’s weak duck of a throw resulting in the interception that turned the Bears-Colts game around in the fourth quarter was the worst pass thrown in a Super Bowl since Garo Yepremian’s legendary gaffe in Super Bowl VIII.

Well that quip is timely for the Bish who has a reputation among media circles of being a day late and a dollar short. Not only that, but the joke itself was terrible. Listen, if you are going to go for a joke two weeks later, at least make it funny. The saddest part of this blog, the Bish will not allow comments. What a weasel.

Thanks to The Insomniac for sharing the bad news.


insomniac said...

My guess is that The Bish had to start trolling around for work to support a bad stripper habit.

While there isn't a comments section, Bisheff was kind enough to leave his email.

PC said...

This is actually good news for Hater Nation. Just keep the Bish/Babes balance equal, okay?

Mini Me said...

Glad to see Bish is back, baby!

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

I love how he said, " i like to be topical" and his first column was about the Super Bowl.