Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What To Make of the Colts arrival?

The Colts arrived late Monday night in Fort Lauderdale, and Peyton Manning was not made available to the already testy media. Further proof that something is seriously wrong with Gomer’s thumb? Maybe this is evidence that the pressure is mounting on the Colts.

Yeah, the pressure to find any reason to believe that the Colts won’t win on Sunday. (Yes, even yours truly and DAWUSS is looking for any sign of hope.) But the truth is that the Colts arrival time is a non-story. The media gripped when Jon Gruden arrived on Tuesday morning prior to Super Bowl XXXVII (as a member of the media frenzy that year, it was astounding how bitter these guys are). But how did that end up turning out for the Buccaneers? Pay no attention to small details such as arrival times and other trivial nonsense when making your case for either the Bears or Colts to win.


Mini Me said...

If Peyton Manning is really hurt than the Colts are in big trouble.

Seitz said...

First, Peyton isn't hurt. It's all a bluff.

Second, dude, I gave you a very good reason why the Colts will lose. Orange. Blue. Florida.