Friday, January 19, 2007

The Weak Ender

Has America turned on Tom Brady? It seems more and more analysts and casual fans don't want Brady to win on Sunday. Chargers fans sure don't want. And it is just absolutely baffling.

Obviously there is some jealousy for Brady seeing that he always seems to win; he traded in Bridget Moynihan for Gisele Bundchen; and the Patriots are two wins away from another Super Bowl title. Jealousy is understandable. What is not understandable is all of the people who seem to be rooting for Peyton Manning to win this weekend. The $1M question in the THN inbox seems to be, "why so much hate for Manning?" Which is actually a dumb question.

Manning is like that guy in your office who has the highest salary, biggest office and is somewhat charming. He is your spokesman and on the cover of your corporate newsletter every month. The guy is great during the slow times of the year and when the pressure is off.

But the moment things get a little frenzied and you need your top producer to come through, he disappears. Disappears in horrific fashion. And what’s worse, he blames his you and your co-workers when things go wrong and starts to point fingers.

And this is the guy you want to win on Sunday. The question should not be why so much hate for Manning, but why so much love?

  • Everybody pilled on Marty Schottenheimer before last week’s game saying, "Same old Marty, he is going to choke again." And you were right. Marty lived up to his history. But what is with the absolute about-face on Manning this week? Instead of, "Same old Peyton, he is going to choke gain," people have already put his name on the Lombardi Trophy. Yeah, that makes sense. Calvin Cowherd and other ESPN talking heads have been defending Manning saying that you shouldn’t judge him on his playoff loses. Yet, many of those same people wanted to fire Marty because he lost in the playoffs again. Yep, that makes sense, too.
  • Andy Schefter on has labeled the Colts and Patriots a classic rivalry. Shouldn't the Colts win one of these games to make it a rivalry?
  • Please stop comparing the Colts to this year's St. Louis Cardinals team. A better comparison would be the 1979 Los Angeles Rams who had, for years and years and years and years, lost to the Vikings and Cowboys in the playoffs. But the Rams reached the Super Bowl with probably their worst team of the decade, led by the brain-dead Vince Ferragamo. He was like Terri Shiavo with a better arm. Hey, could you imagine if the Colts finally broke through to the Super Bowl with Jim Sorgi at quarterback?
  • Maybe Manning should lose in the Super Bowl, just to make those comparisons to Dan Marino seem more apt. But Manning's current rotation of commercials are much better than Marino's old Isotoner spots.


The NFL decided late on Thursday night that it was still going to play the NFC Championship Game, though most people agree that the winner of Colts/Patriots is going to win the whole thing. Bears and Saints players took a vote early Thursday to decide if they even wanted to bother with the formality. Playing the games passed by the slimmest of margins. Good choice guys.

The NFC does seem to have a pretty good chance to win the Super Bowl this year. Why, the NFC is always in the game against the Patriots. All three of the Patriots Super Bowl victories have been by three points. (For that reason alone, gamblers should be rooting for the Patriots.) And if (God forbid) the Colts reach the Super Bowl, you know, Manning will do enough to lose the game.

  • How can the Bears allow a punter to wear No. 9? Sacrilege.
  • In honor of Dr. Doug, THN officially picks the Saints to win the game.
  • Reggie Bush might not have won the Rookie of the Year, but he is playing in the NFC Championship Game. The Saints probably wouldn’t be playing in this game without Bush. Drew Brees and Marques Colston have been great, but Bush takes the offense from good to scary. Just seriously Reggie, if you get in the open field against the Bears, don’t look to pitch the thing. Hopefully you have learned that lesson.


The Raiders are apparently on the verge of signing Steve Sarkisian to be the team's next coach. Sark will likely bring Lane Kiffin in to be his offensive coordinator. How much are the USC boosters paying to make this happen? What a great turn-of-events this would be for the Trojans. Then they could bring in an experienced OC like Dirk Koetter to run the offense.

And the Raiders, of course, would continue to suck.


Conrad Bain said...

No one's jealous of Brady over Gisele Bundchen (Beardchen?) We're just saddened at the thought of another perfect female specimen surrendering the finest years of her life to Beard Duty. Hopefully the contract is worth it.

Bridget Moynahan said...

Gisele, I left you my Sybian. It's in the master closet, next to Tom.

Scott said...

Since we didn't get to go head to head on a USC/SEC game, care to put something down on the pride of your school against mine if we wind up with a New Orleans/Indy Super Bowl?

Anonymous said...

Neither the Colts nor the Pats are going to run away with the trophy if the Saints make it.

If the Bears make it, it's pretty much a lock for the AFC team.

Anonymous said...


insomniac said...

Sarkisian isn't taking the job afterall. If he had, the Trojans would have had to find somebody like Dirk Koetter because Koetter himself is the new offensive coordinator of the Jags.

insomniac said...

Oh and "Terry Schiavo with a better arm" is brilliant. If the Bears make the Super Bowl, I'll have to use that line at the SB party to describe Grossman.

VicksHerpesSore said...

I'm not sure people really hate Brady. I think people are sick of the Patriots because their fans (much like the majority of Boston sports fan) are a bunch of douchers. We're sick of seeing them win all the time and have all these Mass-holes brag about it and whine about "disrespect". Whatever. I much prefer the Colts winning even if it means that dolt Manning will be hailed and hyped.

Do you think Al Davis needs to kick the bucket before anybody takes the Raiders coaching job?

bucky said...

Do I want Manning to win tomorrow? Damn straight I do. Not out of any love for Manning himself, but out of respect for Tony Dungy and out of disgust at these joker Patriots' fans who were nowhere to be found a few weeks ago, but who have all come out of the woodwork the past week. These poseurs are worse than Bears' fans; in fact, they're a lot like Vikings' fans, knowing absolutely nothing about the game but jumping on the bandwagon after being handed the game last week by Marty.

Shouldn't the Colts win one of these games to make it a rivalry?

I'm too lazy to look it up right now, but I seem to recall the Colts have won the last two against the Pats.

But the Rams reached the Super Bowl with probably their worst team of the decade, led by the brain-dead Vince Ferragamo. He was like Terri Shiavo with a better arm. Hey, could you imagine if the Colts finally broke through to the Super Bowl with Jim Sorgi at quarterback?

Jim Sorgi is certainly no Brooks Bollinger. But how are the Colts a comparison to the '79 Rams if Peyton is at QB, instead of Jim Sorgi? I don't get the analogy. Wouldn't that be more comparable to the Dolphins with Earl Morrall starting at QB (at least until the Super Bowl)? Except that team won it all.

And the Raiders, of course, would continue to suck.

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Saints over the Bears, of course.