Friday, January 12, 2007

The Weak Ender

Have you ever wondered why they didn't let Junior Seau judge for Chargers Girls tryouts?


Do the Chargers really have a chance this weekend with Marty's history of failure and Philip Rivers inexperience? Will they be able to beat the Patriots led by the inventor of pro football, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady?

Yes. Yes, they will.

You remember that the Patriots lost to the Denver Broncos in the playoffs last year, right? The Broncos led by Jake Plummer. The guy who was benched in favor of a rookie during the playoff stretch. The Chargers have a much better team than last year's Broncos and present a bigger challenge offensively. That Patriots mystique will finally be put to rest on Sunday.

But we will always have the 2001 playoffs, Tommy.

  • Enough about Philip Rivers inexperience. It is way overrated. Just look at the Super Bowl winning quarterbacks over the past couple of years: Kurt Warner, Trent Dilfer, Tom Brady, Brad Johnson and Ben Roethlisberger. (And don't bring up the 2004 AFC Championship Game. That was a much better Patriots defense with Rodney Harrison back there.)
  • Would your average Baltimore fan rather have a victory over the Colts this week or another Super Bowl? Well, other than both, you have to figure that a victory over the Colts would mean more. Ask John Elway if Baltimore fans hold grudges.
  • Some Indianapolis Colts fans are suggesting that Baltimore fans don’t have room to talk because the Raven franchise came from Cleveland. And that’s true. But the Browns logos, marks and records were left in Cleveland. (After a court battle.) The Colts should have done the same.
  • The ghost of Johnny Unitas will haunt Peyton Manning this weekend.
  • Your upset of the week: Seattle will beat Chicago. It defies all logic, but the Seahawks will win this game. The Bears haven't won a home playoff game since the Red Grange era.
  • The winner of the Saints v. Eagles game should be able to walk to the Super Bowl next week. Pity the Eagles. Remember what the Saints did to the Falcons in their return game to the Super Dome? Imagine that atmosphere combined with a playoff intensity. This can't end well for the Eagles.
  • Thank you to the New York Giants organization for keeping Tom Coughlin around for another season. It is as if the Giants are just trying to spite Eli Messiah. Not that anybody minds.
  • The Dodgers are going to have an all-you-can-eat buffet in the right field pavilion. Does that mean no more Fight Club? The Dodgers must want their fans too fat to fight.
  • Speaking of fat people who like to take swings, can somebody explain how Cal Ripken got more Hall of Fame votes than Tony Gwynn? Didn't Ripken seem like a borderline Hall of Fame player? He showed up for work everyday, neat. Does that get you into the Hall of Fame?

The most appalling thing about the Barry Bonds isn't that he lied about using drugs (again) or that he threw a teammate under the bus so badly that even Kobe Bryant was ashamed. No, the worst part of this story is that Bonds takes amphetamines and he is still that lazy in the outfield.

The irony of Bonds turning on Sweeney? Bonds' trainer is sitting in jail because he is not a squealer.


DAWUSS said...

Either Baltimore or New England needs to win to keep things as expected in the universe. Last thing we need is Peyton *and* Marty in the AFC Championship Game, because that will force one of them to a place they're never supposed to go to (the Super Bowl)

cephyn said...

Ripken averaged 126 OPS+ from 1982-1991. 112 for his entire career. He had over 3000 hits, and 431 HR from the SS position. He showed up for work everyday - which doesn't sound like much except that no one else in his profession had done it.

Yeah. He deserves to be there.

Diane said...

There should never be any surprise at Bonds being a total a-hole. California's law on pre-nup agreements was re-written in response to Bonds' attempt to enforce the one he had his pregnant, non-english speaking, unrepresented, wife-to-be sign on the way to the altar.

The very day after the last work stoppage in baseball, Bonds' lawyer was in court seeking to reduce his child support payments, on the grounds that he was no longer earning his baseball salary. If he treats his family like this, why does anyone expect him to treat his teammates, the media or the fans any better?

Steve Grogan said...

While San Diego may win, I don't think using some sort of comparison to Denver is the best way to go. The Broncos own the Pats and would probably beat them with Lil Hater taking snaps.

CB said...

The Broncos own the Pats...

I think it's really Mike Shanahan who owns the Pats. He's one of the few coaches who cconsistantly gets over on Hoodie. Last year the Donks beat them with their defense; Plummer had horrible stats after that game.

The teams that consistantly give the Patriots a run for their money seem to do it through coaching (Shanahan, Mangini). Now the Patriots are playing a team where the coach (Marty) has taken himself out of the equation and is "letting his players play." Should be interesting to see which philosophy holds.

Steve Grogan said...

CB, I am pretty sure the Patriots' struggles with Denver pre-date the Shanahan era but he has given them fits.

In other news, what the hell is up with San Diego holding a pep rally?

NFL Adam said...

The Chargers defense is going to give New England a lot of trouble. The Patriots couldn't move the ball on them last year.

But Bain is right about the Marty equation. Marty has put the play calling into Cam Cameron's hands, so it should play out alright.

Steve Grogan said...

Cam Cameron was great on Growing Pains

teddy c said...

NFL Adam couldn't pick a game correctly to save his life! I honestly bet against the Chargers just because NFL Adam predicted them to win. And I won.

NFL Adam said...

Sweet somebody is winning money. Giving up nine points and taking Seattle on the money line was a horrible bet. Maybe the THN Summit doesn't happen this year.

(Just kidding, for those of you who bought tickets already.)