Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Timeline of a Tragedy: A (Hater) Nation Mourns

As a plastic bobble head, I have a great respect for animals such as Barbaro who will be melted down into a suitable mate for me. No seriously, my brother was once Seattle Slew. True story. But here is a look at how the events went down yesterday.

From the Desk of Lil Hater, Tuesday, 9:24 am PST: Here's my take on the latest medical update on injured racehorse Barbaro: Just shoot the goddamn horse already.

From the Desk of NFL Adam, Tuesday, 9:54 am: Its done.

From the Desk of Lil Hater, 10:06 am. I didn't realize I had that much pull in the world. Here's my take on Al Davis' attempt at running the Raiders at age 143: Just cover the geezer's head with a pillow for a few minutes already.

From the Desk of NFL Adam, Tuesday, 10:30 am: Working on it.

Seriously though, if you're a horse doctor, all that means is that you have an NRA membership and friends at Alpo, right? How can you flunk the horse medicine course at vet school, the book is only 1 page long -- "In case of illness, shoot the horse", right?

What, is this too soon?

What I don't understand is why they didn’t do some of that animal testing on Barbaro before they put him into the ground. Like hey look, they are going to kill Barbaro, lets slap some of this toxic lipstick on him before he goes. Hey, how about giving him some of these cancer pills that caused brain tumors in mice. His life would have at least meant something then. These guys didn't even make a jacket out of that horse.

Seriously (I mean it this time), I feel real bad for the horse's owners right now. Here's hoping they got enough horse semen out of him before he croaked, to make a couple bucks. The same goes for Al Davis.


Diane said...


Mini Me said...

I miss you Barbaro!

NFL Adam said...

You guys realize he was a horse, right? Lil' Hater is spot-on here.

A Patriot said...

Bye-bye Barbaro. Off to the glue factory with you!