Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Strict NFL Uniform Rules Strike Again

The NFL has said no to Britney Spears, who offered to appear in a promotional commercial for NFL Network. Obviously the league was afraid that Britney would have one of her famed wardrobe malfunctions again. When a league source was asked why they would turn down a flash-in-the-pan who topped out in 2001?

The source said, "We already have Kurt Warner."

You can read more at West Side Slant.


teddy c said...

after all that's transpired with her, i still wouldn't turn down a blowjob from her.

Peter North said...

Me neither.

NFL Adam said...

Britney still has a lot of potential. Kind of like that first-round draft pick that has kind of floundered. She needs, as the sports cliche goes, a change of scenery or something.

Diane said...

"Britney still has a lot of potential . . ."

As what?