Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Some Self Realization

How do you come to grips with the news that you have a little bit too much in common with Terrell Owens? Honestly, it's not funny, but it is also undeniable. Owens is a jerk, the most talented guy at his job, and thinks most of his co-workers are gay. Oh no, T.O. and THN are indistinguishable. The topper was when Owens compared his boss (Bill Parcells) to his grandmother. Yeah, that was enough to make yours truly spit out that mouthful of recently swallowed pain pills.

But what does all of this mean for Bill Parcells? Nearly 35 percent of voters in an ESPN Sports Nation poll believe that Parcells will coach again. Really? What, is he going to get divorced again to force him back into coaching? Besides, the law of diminishing returns have hit Parcells pretty hard. The Tuna won two Super Bowls with the Giants, lost a Super Bowl with the Patriots, lost the AFC Championship Game with the Jets and failed to win a playoff game with the Cowboys. What does he have left to do, go 1-15?

Not sure that the game has passed Parcells but both he and Joe Gibbs haven't done well in their comebacks. Two Hall of Fame coaches with nothing left to prove. Maybe it's time to move on and let a new generation of part-time college offensive coordinators take over.

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