Thursday, January 25, 2007

Respect The Crown

A Michigan man was TASERed recently for failure to remove his Dodgers hat at the Saginaw City Council meeting. Charles Littleton refused to take off his hat that caused a scuffle with police that resulted in Littleton being carried away after being tasered by an officer. Not that he was the first person ever tasered while wearing a Dodgers hat.

"It means more than just a hat," Littleton said. "It's like my crown. It's like asking a king to remove his crown."

Sure thing your royal highness. You are just like that one guy, what was his name? Oh yeah, Jesus.

But listen your holiness, what kind of kingdom allows its subjects purchase a crown for $21.99 at the local Sports Authority? Dude, it’s a baseball hat. Unless the Saginaw City Council meeting was held at Tiger Stadium, you should have left the hat at home.


Sun Devil said...

What kind of kingdom would allow Nomar Garciaparra in? He will never win a championship. Just ask the Red Sox fans.

Seitz said...

If I saw a guy wearing a Dodgers hat and I had a taser handy, I'd probably zap him too.

Rodney King said...

Mutha fukkah is lucky he didn't take a beatin' for speedin' and drivin' while all P'dup at the hands of the 3 wise men, Powell, Wind, and Briseno. Can't we all just get along?!

NSA said...

DODGERS RULE! He should be allowed to wear it.

This blog sucks too