Monday, January 08, 2007

Raiders Have Their QB

Troy Smith exhibited all of the attributes that will one day make him a great Raiders quarterback on Monday night. Smith look rattled, was flushed out of the pocket and rarely made a good pass in an epic loss to Florida.

If that doesn't equate to being a Raiders quarterback, nothing will. Aaron Brooks himself had to be impressed with what he saw out of Smith. Of course, there are still those who believe that Brady Quinn should be the next Raiders quarterback and there is some merit there. Quinn has shown a propensity for losing to his chief rivals, which makes him the perfect record. The only knock on Quinn is that he ran a pro-style offense during his final two seasons at Notre Dame, meaning he would have to regress to learn the Raiders play book.

No Smith has to be the man.


DAWUSS said...

The Raitards have a knack for picking up Heisman washouts (Tim Brown, C-Woody...)

Jacob said...

Amen to that, he could pull a perfect Aaron Brooks impression in the NFL.