Monday, January 15, 2007

The Post Mortem

Up early for all of you that need a place to bag on the Chargers.

What could have made the Chargers season worse? How about your star player running after an member of the Patriots after the game looking to start a fight? Listen, LaDainian Tomlinson is one of the best players in the league and, by all accounts, a pretty classy guy. But chasing after a member of the Patriots because he is doing the "Light's Out" dance is pretty weak. Actually pretty stupid. If anything, it made the Chargers look more like a second-rate franchise (as hard as that is to believe.).

As if blowing that game could have made it any worse. If you are going to be pissed about teams "showing your up" or dancing on your logo, the alternative was to, you know, win the game. That would have solved a whole lot of problems.

People will try to find a way to blame Marty Schottenheimer for this game. But there were too many drops, a stupid personal foul after stopping the Patriots on third down, and the fumble by Eric Parker. The Chargers made too many mistakes on the field and they deserved to lose. Having LT trying to start fights after the game didn’t help. The Chargers choked again. There is no way to really explain differently.

Hopefully Marty enjoys (forced) retirement. There is no way the Chargers bring him back next season. And it kind of sucks. If, for no other reason, the team will probably hire Mike Martz to run the team.

  • LT explains himself after the game: "When you go to the middle of our field, when you start doing the dance that Shawne Merriman is known for, that's disrespectful to me. And I can't sit there and watch that. And so, yeah, I was very upset. And just the fact that they showed no class at all. Absolutely no class. And maybe that comes from their head coach. So you know, there you have it.”

    Listen, does Bill Belichick (expletive) around with other guys wives? Sure, but don't insinuate that he has no class.
  • Quote of the Day: "Anytime you're in the playoffs and lose, and certainly I have plenty of experience at it, there's a disappointment," Schottenheimer said.
  • When did LT turn into Redd Foxx? Hold me back, hold me back! What a tragic end for such a magical season. What will you remember more, the 31 touchdowns or the fight? What a sad ending.
  • Marty did make one mistake when he went for it on fourth-and-80 during the first half. Why not try the field goal there? If you had confidence in Kaeding to hit a 54-yarder, why not go for the FGthere?
  • To add insult to injury, Belichick’s son sold a bunch of Chargers fans $200 worth of oregano after the game. That’s just cold, man.
  • Who wants to be the top seed in the AFC anymore?
  • You want to hate Tom Brady and the Patriots for winning, but why? Brady is a Patron Saint of THN for his 2001 playoff season. But if the Chargers can’t beat him on the field, then so be it. Don’t start acting like a jilted teenager because you lost. You lost. Don't start talking (expletive) about the other team's coach or anything. You lost.


LT wasn’t the only one embarrassing his fan base after the game. Said Peyton Manning after the Colts victory. "It seems like for so long it's been 'Colts win', but then 'Peyton Manning loses. Either give me all the credit when we win or give the team the blame when we lose.

Thanks, there will be no temptation to root for the Colts next week.

  • You have to admit that you are relived a little bit when the Colts win because that means that Tony Dungy’s kids survived the weekend. Just saying is all.
  • One of the kickers is choking next week. It has to happen. ngy's kids Speaking of choking, did you notice that (Lil' Hater's note: This will end right here. Sorry for you guys that read this far.)

The NFC Playoffs

Congratulations to Rex Grossman for redeeming his career by beating the Seahawks. Oh wait, didn’t the Bear destroy the Seahawks 37-6 earlier this season? So didn't he regress a little bit on Sunday? Is anybody picking the Bears to win at home against the Saints? Well, except for Dr. Doug?

Conrad Bain, who is 7-1 in the playoff, has long said this is the NFC’s year to win the Super Bowl. And it is hard to pick against the Saints who would probably have little trouble scoring points against the Colts or Patriots. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

  • How many Subway commercials are we going to be enforced to endure until Michael Strahan has paid off his divorce settlement? Strahan is the only guy who can make Jared seem butch. And did anybody else notice that Strahan was wearing jhorts? Jeans/shorts?
  • Hey 24 is back on FOX. What, you don't care either? Sweet, neither do we.
  • Is there any way to really describe how Baltimore feels today after the Colts just punked them? Sand Diego is pretty bummed, but you can’t top Baltimore right now. Even the ghost of Johnny Unitas is depressed.


The Patriots seemed pretty cocksure following their defeat against San Diego. But be warned, Patriots, losing to the Colts would pretty much render all of that meaningless and actually ruin your three-Super Bowl dynasty. Don’t blow it now. Alright, that's pissed Chargers fan talking, please, just beat the Colts.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

oh, how I adore The Hater Nation. Will make fun of those tragically dead, but won't say fuck.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree a little bit with trying to absolve Marty. Yes, it was just a chokejob from the whole team (except for Tomlinson who prior to his post game hissy was unstoppable), but the 4th and 11 and the stupid "please God oh please let him have not had possession" post interception challenge (blowing the timeout) cost the team a key timeout and possibly three points.

For a good example of what a bad decision that was, 3 minutes later Belickick, a way more agressive coach, had a 50 yard field goal vs. a 4th and 2 (I think), and put his faith in the kicker.

Anyone else think Rivers played pretty well? His lone interception was a really bad decision, plus he took at least one sack that cost the team a field goal chance, but with some more sure handed receivers the game wouldn't have been close. Hell, even on the final 3 and out with 4 minutes left Vincent Jackson dropped one on 2nd and 4 that could have moved the sticks.

Sun Devil said...

Another Super Bowl win for the Patsies? What the fuck!? I mean, nobody really thinks Belichick loses to the Colts or Saints?

I suppose it is OK. I mean, for a team that lost to Jake Plummer at home during week, it only makes sense. I believe it was THN who said something along the lines of how Belichick let Jake win so he would remain the starter and the Broncos season would collapse. If that was indeed you, Adam, I hope you die like Curtis Manning does tomorrow.

Spoiler Alert for 24: the sentence preceding this one.

NFL Adam said...

Don't get mad at us because you laughed at that.

CB said...

Conrad Bain, who is 7-1 in the playoff, has long said this is the NFC’s year to win the Super Bowl.

In the interest of full disclosure, I thought it would be the Plowboys. The week after I said that, of course, all four wheels on that wagon simultaneously exploded. Call me a retard, but it's starting to feel like the Colts' year.

Oh and thanks to famous USC-alum Reggie Bush for dropping that pitch and rat fucking me out of my 8th post-season wager.

DAWUSS said...

Brady and Belichick need to continue the Manning Curse on Sunday. Period.

CB said...

Wouldn't it be funny, though, if Manning was only able to get his ring after Brady did the heavy lifting for him?

Diane said...

The Chargers shot themselves in the foot way too many times, and Brady came through when he needed to. Now I'm between a rock and a hard place - rooting for the Manning lead Colts or the team that knocked out the Bolts - I'm gonna skip the AFC Championship and just hope the Saints win it all.

Anonymous said...

So Joe Buck really is retarded? "I don't know which is longer, 1/2 or 5/8". That made me laugh...a lot. It seemed like he was struggling with that one for a while and then Aikman had to step in and tell him...what a dumbass.

Seitz said...

Doesn't everyone learn while playing football during recess in the third grade that you're supposed to bat the ball down on fourth down and not intercept it? Then again, I think McCree went to Kentucky, and if I remember correctly, a third grade education isn't one of Kentucky's admissions requirements.

Anonymous said...

DOLTS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bucky said...

I swear, a stupider game of football has never been played than what we saw last night, with the possible exception of a few beer-soaked games on Long Field in my youth. The day is simply not long enough to list all the mental errors made by the Bolts, but only a few highlights are needed to prove the point:

* Hey, I bobbled a punt, maybe I can pick it up and run with it. . . oops!

* 4th down pass right in my arms, with 6 minutes to go! I won't knock it to the ground, I won't catch it and fall down, let's see how far I can run with it. . . . oops!

* Damn, that fumbled interception pissed me off! Let's waste a timeout on a challenge that has no chance of success!

* Hey, I have a quartback playing his first postseason game, and I have the best running back- hell, the best player in the league. I think I'd rather put the ball in my inexperienced QB's hands (32 attempts, plus 3 sacks) than in my stud RB's hands (23 carries, 123 yards, 2 receptions, 64 yards).

* Hey, that screen pass to LT worked so well in the first half that we better not run it again. They might be expecting it!

* Hey, we just stopped the Pats on third and long, maybe I just bang my helmet into one of their players to celebrate!

* Hey, we just scored, let's get another unnecessary roughness penalty so we can kick off from the 15!

It'll take a football historian to catolgue all the remaining dumbass blunders by that team last night.

Christ, the Pats played fucking awful and the Chargers still managed to give that game away. The Pats gave up even trying to run the ball in the second half, and Brady couldn't hit the ocean if he threw it from the beach. And the Chargers still blew it.

Fire Shottenheimer? I don't think that's good enough. I think they should dip him in honey and tie him down next to an anthill.

And I'm not even a Chargers fan. I just dread listening to all those Johnny-Come-Lately Pats fans climbing all over each other to get back on the bandwagon this week. I for one can't root for the Colts enough next Sunday.

Conrad Bain said...

I'd have no problem at all with Tony Dungy winning it. And anyone here who doesn't like that can suck my fucking cock.

Anonymous said...

No doubt Pats played awful but SD just can't close. Never have, never will. Period. Pats ? Been there, done that several times. Pressure is all on Indy .. Home field advamtage, we gave him Adam and their D has stepped up a bit. Sunday prognosis for Indy ?

Cough Cough !!

Signal to Noise said...

The results of this weekend's AFC playoffs have left me with only one painful conclusion:


(It's not that I really HATE Brady or Manning that much; I just don't like it when I know I have to boycott SportsCenter for a week).

West Side Slant said...

Did anyone catch NFL Primetime last night? I swear I thought Tom Jackson was going to squeeze out a few tears over that choke job. Thank God we don't have to listen to him and Berman get wet for the Bolts for another eight months.

teddy c said...

west side, i totally agree! i remember watching it thinking it looks like someone just killed his dog or something. whenever berman was talking about the patriots eeking out the win, you could see jackson gripping his pen, looking down and nodding.

as an unbiased viewer (i am a dolphins fan), you could definitely tell he was upset over the chargers loss.

Lil' Hater said...

I wonder why Tom Jackson cared so much.