Monday, January 15, 2007

Police Called on Strahan

Police responded to a domestic disturbance call when Michael Strahan and an unidentified man had an argument in the driveway of Jean Strahan’s home. Now, don’t go thinking this was some lover’s quarrel between Strahan and some random dude. The guy in question was Jean Strahan’s live-in carpenter, who got caught up in the middle of the family’s custody dispute.

Hey, wait a minute. Strahan had a live-in carpenter? Well, Mrs. Strahan probably needed somebody to lay the wood.

But is the live-in carpenter a common occurrence? It sounds more like the plot of a typical porno flick. Cheesy music is playing, the live-in carpenter knocks at the door. And sure, he could have gotten a drink from the house, but he is invited in anyway...

Alright, the public is learning way too much about Strahan right now.


Seitz said...

Are they sure it wasn't Strahan and Jared arguing about more meat?

Drizztdj said...

Didn't she just get $15 million from the divorce?