Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oh, were we supposed to care?

Sorry about that. The LA Galaxy’s owners hope that the acquisition of David Beckman will finally put soccer on the map in this country. Yeah, like maybe some day every kid in America will play soccer or something.

The owners of the Galaxy are banking ($250M to be exact) that Beckman will be to the Galaxy what Wayne Gretzky was to the Kings. But in the end, Beckman will probably be to the Galaxy what Emmitt Smith was to ballroom dancing.


Diane said...

The attendance rate for women and gay men just increased exponentially - - you fellas can keep Cowgirl - - we'll take Becks

insomniac said...

There's no problem getting every 5 year old kid playing soccer. It's when they get older and are coordinated enough to play real sports that soccer fades into the background of the US sports scene.

I don't think importing David Beckham will change that.

Now if you imported Keeley Hazell to attend some US soccer matches, then I'd start paying attention.

Signal to Noise said...

MLS plays soccer in stadiums better suited for football (undersized). Watching that league is like watching your little cousins and their friends wading in the kiddie pool.

I maintain it's the retirement league for guys who can't hack it in Euro leagues any more.

Tracer Bullet said...

Didn't soccer try this once before with Pele? And how did that turn out? Exactly.