Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Marty Stays

And that must be good news for the rest of the AFC. As mentioned in this space the other day, the Chargers were really painted into a corner by this whole thing. Odds are that the Chargers made a few phone calls to some coaches looking to pull a Jon Gruden-to-Tampa, but could not find any takers.

Schottenheimer, in an interesting twise, refused to sign an extension that will likely fuel rumors that Bill Cowher will take over in 2008. That would be an improvement for the Chargers. Instead of losing in their first playoff game each season, the Chargers could lose AFC Championship Games at home. Hey, that would be an improvement, right? Still, that scenario seems far-fetched as A.J. Smith will likely pick his next coach outside of Schottenheimer's lineage.


Al Davis said...

Damn, I wanted to interview him. Why not, I'm talking to everybody else.

Steve Grogan said...

would someone please tell Tomlinson to STFU. It's been 3 days since they lost and he is STILL talking about being "disrespected". At least he is worried about the keeeeeeds. Gimme a break.

DAWUSS said...

They'll replace Marty with his brother Kurt or his son Brian