Monday, January 15, 2007

Lil' Hater: Look At The Bright Side

With the Chargers out of the running, this will give NFL Adam the chance to concentrate on what’s really important during THN’s Super Bowl Summit and that is drinking.

I thought about this a long time, and I've concluded that the 4th quarter interception/fumble/wasted challenge and timeout was, without a doubt, the hands-down, absolute stupidest play by an NFL team in the history of the game. Terrible, terrible decision making by both player and coach.

It's 4th down and forever, dude, just knock the ball down! Let it drop to the ground! You'll get the ball at the 40! You're winning the game, you don't need to be a hero and run the ball back 80 yards! Even if he didn't fumble, it was still a moronic play, they would have lost 20 yards on the play. But no, the jackass wanted to get the glory of an
INT, at the expense of the team. What is he thinking?

Normally, you could cut the dude some slack for making the play in the heat of battle, but pretty much THE EXACT SAME PLAY happened at the end of the SD-Bills game a few weeks ago. The only difference was that it was the Bills, who aren't good enough to take advantage of a gift like that. Didn't the coaches read them the riot act after the Bills game? Shouldn't they have learned their lesson already? Unbelievable. And then wasting a time out on challenging the play? Awful.

I disagree on NFL Adam’s anti-LT post-game fight stance. He was completely rightfor calling out the Pats for a lack of class. The problem is that his teammates include players like: Merriman (and his lame dance that got the Pats riled up in the first place); the receiver who thinks its a good idea in a tight game to celebrate an easy catch by flipping the ball away, even though he's not down yet (the Raiders game); linebackers who celebrate a crucial 3rd-down stop by head butting opponents, right in front of a ref; and defensive backs who would rather get the glory of picking off Tom Brady than winning the game, evidently. He plays with a bunch of selfish, me-first knuckleheads. He should be getting in their face, along with the Pats.

You'd think that if you were playing on the same team as LT, one of the classier players in the league (and the best team player), that class would rub off on the rest of the players, and that the coaches would demand that the others follow in his lead. That's the biggest failure of Marty's coaching job this year. For a "old-school disciplinarian," his team showed absolutely no discipline.

That is all.


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teddy c said...

ok, being a dolphins fan, i just want to weigh in and say LT was wrong in what he did. first of all, ill give him the 'heat of the moment' argument for the scene on the field, everything after that was fucking lame on his part.

i agree that he should have called out his teammates instead of the patriots. i can't even believe i am defending the pats, but i dont think they did anything wrong. here is a guy, merriman, who dances over people's bodies 3 or 4 times a game and LT is calling the pats disrespectful? i don't think so buddy. and, lest we forget, merriman missed four games due to fucking steroid use! what the fuck?

so, LT, the pats are classless because they mock a man who exudes all that is wrong with the league? they are classless because they showboat in front of a guy who sent a gift basket to jason taylor that included popcorn to watch him during the playoffs? pfffttt. get over yourself.

and then the LT insinuates that they should have class because they 'won 3 super bowls'. dude, did you see brady, bruschi or richard seymour doing anything? no. because they are practically the only people left from all the super bowl teams. most of the guys on that team probably don't even have one and i bet it was that guy who LT was going after.

moral of the story is that the chargers fucking blew it and LT was pissed.

NFL Adam said...

LT was frustrated and took it out on the wrong guy. Maybe he should have gone after Cam Cameron instead.

DAWUSS said...

I never even saw the incident, I flipped off the TV once he missed the Field Goal and the Schottenheimer Curse would live on for at least another year

Vinny Testaverde said...

Alright i'll come clean. It was me. I am just so exciting that i won a playoff game and could go to the super bowl.