Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kiffin Has Lost His Mind

No, not for taking the job. The Raiders job has become a great stepping stone for other gigs, like the NFL version of Boise State or something (but without the winning). Mike Shanahan and Jon Gruden have used this gig to advance their careers, so it would behoove any young coach to take this job.

No, where Kiffin lose a little bit of credibility is when he said that he contacted the Raiders ticket office to get tickets in the Black Hole for his wife, and his two young children.


Why stop there? Get the children a couple of "(Expletive) All Raider Haters" jumpers, some spiked shoulder pads and some face paint. This is akin to George Bush declaring that Iraq is safe and sending Laura and the twins to live in Baghdad. Somebody should have an intervention to help save the Kiffin children. (Will you think of the children?) This experiment will end quickly the first time Kiffin messes up and his wife and children are berated and harassed by the idiots in the Black Hole. And if you think that Raiders fans are above taunting children, you are kidding yourself. One bad preseason game and Pharaoh-Raider will have five too many beers and get in the face of Kiffin's wife and curse at the children, screaming, "I'm a better coach than yoursh dad." Instead of Sesame Street, just put in a copy of Scarface for the Kiffin kids, so they will at least know what to expect out there. Wow, what a bad idea.

You can watch the rest of the news conference here. Kiffin looks about as comfortable in front of the camera as Richard Nixon during the Kennedy debates. The whole press conference seemed incredibly scripted (especially the Black Hole part) and the acting was somewhere south of Showgirls.


Signal to Noise said...

Al Davis looks exactly like Eddie on my Iron Maiden records.

Diane said...

I like how the mother beast in the photo has her nails tastefully done in a french manicure. Where are child protective services when you need them?

NFL Adam said...

A lady must have her priorities.