Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Great Moments in Super Bowl History

Nice trade, Raiders. Are any of the guys the Raiders received in the Gruden trade even on the roster anymore? But here is one of the greatest Peter King stories of all-time. Here is a taste.

Debate of the Week: Who got the better of the Jon Gruden trade?

Quick answer: The Raiders.

Smart answer: It's a classic trade-that-helps-both-teams deal.

How do you feel about that one, Pete? The Raiders ended up with Phillip Buchanon, Langston Walker and some other stiffs. They did end up with $8M that allowed the team to pay off Norv Turner and Art Shell.

And all the Buccaneers got was some stupid Lombardi Trophy.

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Scott said...

Funny sidenote: The Bucs also got Buchanon