Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Great Moments in Super Bowl History

After vanquishing the dreaded Oakland Raiders in the playoffs, the Patriots cemented their status as Southern California's team by beating the St. Louis Football Team in Super Bowl 36. (Because of that, Adam Vinatieri has never had to pay for a beer in Sunset Beach.) Not only were both defeats crushing, but it absolutely took the soul from both the Raiders and St. Louis as neither have been able to get back over the hump after the 2001 season. The Raiders would go on to embarrass themselves in Super Bowl 37 and the St. Louis Football Team has played so bad in recent years, you wonder who Georgia is going to kill as she relocates again.


Rich Gannon said...

You call that a great moment?

Diane said...

Vinatieri has been to Sunset Beach?

NFL Adam said...

He has a standing invitation.