Thursday, January 18, 2007

Giants Have Buyers Remorse

At least it appears that way seeing that Bonds has not signed a contract with the club, nor is he on the team’s 40-man roster. The Giants are starting to give the indication that they might walk away from the deal. Like maybe they realized that they overspent money on a guy nobody wanted to sign during the winter meetings.

Yes, it is a funny story that is developing, until you remember that a certain American League team that lacks punch lost its left fielder during winter ball in South America. Yes, it doesn’t seem to funny now does it?

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MLB Jennifer said...

The Angels like screwing their fans, but that would just be to much to handle. You have to wonder if it is Bonds who has cold feet. I thought from the beginning that he would try to sign with a AL club so he could sit on the bench and DH. Rumor had it he wanted to play in Los Angeles of Anaheim.