Thursday, January 04, 2007

Eagles Good Judge of Character

The Eagles don't think very highly of Eli Messiah. And really, why should they seeing that they play against him twice a year. So the Eagles tipped their game plan to the New York Post this week, and that game planning is to have Brian Dawkins walk up to the line of scrimmage and say, "Boo."

The Eagles feel that the Messiah gets spooked easily and that it doesn't take much to knock Eli off his game. The Giants responded by saying, "Nuh, uh."

"Eli's a young kid still," Tiki Barber said. "People are expecting him to play like a 28 year old. He's 25 years old [turned 26 yesterday], he's in his third season in the NFL, everything doesn't happen quickly. I didn't get it until I started doing steroids five years. You give him time, you support him and you build around him as it goes.”

That young kid line is garbage. Especially since one of the two quarterbacks drafted after Eli, Ben Roethlisberger, has already won a Super Bowl. And the guy traded for Eli won 14 games in his first season as a starter. Don't worry, nobody else is buying it either.

Giants fullback Jim Finn, admits that Eli is rattled easy and that he will be there ready with a lot of reassuring hugs.

“All quarterbacks get rattled. Our goal is going to be not to let Eli get rattled.”

Keep your goals high, eh. It is hard to recall a time when Joe Montana got rattled. Or Tom Brady. Or anybody who has won a championship. Face it, the Eagles are dead-on about Eli and will keep his family tradition of losing in tact.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I have never heard anyone ever accusing Tiki of taking steroids.

Man, remember that HUUUGE hit that Leonard Marshall put on Montanta in the 1990 NFC Championship game that ushered in the Steve Young era. Man that was the shit.

NFL Adam said...

The Tiki/Steroid angle was fostered by Lil' Hater. There's a post somewhere in the archives.

I'm not sure Montana was rattled by that hit, but he was almost dead.

Diane said...

Does Eli get THN's vote for worst second generation QB?

NFL Jennifer said...

{Manning, per usual, is not getting involved in any of this. Asked what his mindset is with the Eagles vowing to rattle him, he said, "It's fine. If teams want to blitz, it puts our receivers one-on-one and we feel that we've got the best matchup."}

This is Eli code for when I toss the ball way up in the air, like in 3 flies up, MY receivers actually have a better chance of catching it.

Signal to Noise said...

It's gonna be so much fun watching both of those mongoloid Manning brothers get taken out this weekend.