Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Colts Are Real Haters

The Hater Nation has a lot of respect for the Colts. The Baltimore Colts. Former players like Johnny Unitas, Lenny Moore and Tom Matte wrote off the organization when it bailed on Baltimore.

Like they should have.

They didn't suck up to Robert Irsay, playing the victim to his folly, the way some members of the Los Angeles Rams did to Georgia Frontandrearie. (Not to throw anybody under the bus, but looking at you Jackie Slater and Jack Youngblood.) Colts players were as pissed as the fans when the team moved to Indianapolis. So much so that Matte is the Ravens' radio color guy and there is a statue of Unitas outside of the Raven Stadium.

The hate runs so deep that Johnny Unitas Jr. is suing the team for producing a series of license plates with the numbers of Unitas, Moore, Raymond Berry and Gino Marchetti. Moore is even thinking of joining the lawsuit.

Damn you really have to respect that hate. And some of you former LA Rams should take note. The teams belong to their cities. Except for the Raiders. Oakland can have the entire legacy of the Los Angeles Raiders.


Fred "The Hammer" Williamson said...

The absence of Alan "the horse" Ameche in this post is just plain unacceptable. He may not be in the HOF, but he was an integral part of that team that helped change the face of the NFL. Not to mention it is one of the greatest football names ever behind only Elroy "crazy legs' Hirsch and Bronko Nagurski.

DAWUSS said...

I hope Ray Lewis and co. shut out Peyton Manning and the Lucky Charms.

(this is coming from a KC Chiefs fan born and raised in Indy)

Signal to Noise said...

Thanks for giving me another reason to root against the Colts this weekend aside from Mongoloid #1 at QB.

Diane said...

Man, I'm sorry to hear that Jack Youngblood has sold his soul - I remember the Rams' game where both the punter and kicker got hurt, so Youngblood took on kicking duties too . . .