Friday, December 01, 2006

The Weak Ender

This is the girl that Derek Jeter has been seen canoodling with in Las Vegas, Jessica Biel. Oh, did you not need another reason to hate Jeter? Sorry.


Is anybody else enjoying the meltdown of the New York Giants right now? Oh don't worry, they will rally one last time to beat the Cowboys this week. But this team has put the "bunch of idiots" in dysfunctional. It is hard to figure which is more enjoyable, Eli Messiah turning into Kelly Stouffer or former media darling Michael Strahan pretty much ruining his post-NFL career.

The Messiah insists that he is not in a slump. That's true. He is just not a good quarterback. The Messiah would be benched if he had a different last name, or the Giants carried a reputable backup. Fans in Carolina have asked for Jake Delhomme to be benched and he is having the same season as the Messiah.

Strahan criticizes Plaxico Burress on his radio show on Monday. An ESPN reporter goes to ask Strahan about it, but is rebuffed. Said reporter talks to Burress and prints the story. Strahan, then goes nuts when he sees the story. The whole situation could have been avoided if Strahan would have kept his mouth shut or at least talked about it when asked.

This is all disappointing. Not that Strahan would snap, but that he would play into the stereotype that all homosexuals are impulsively angry. At least he didn't cry on the Best Damn Sports Show...oh wait, he did.

  • Somebody might want to let Mathias Kiwanuka know that the referees aren't likely to call an "in-the-grasp" rule on Vince Young. He is kind of a big deal. They might call it when you wrap up Koy Detmer, but not Young. You would think, after watching Jacksonville's David Garrard scramble out of trouble the previous week, all Giants defenders would take the quarterback to the ground.

  • All the BCS talk will finally be over this week. Michigan, Arkansas and Florida fans are praying for a miracle that UCLA will overcome USC. This is a huge rivalry game for the Bruins, who always play USC tough at the Rose Bowl. But there is just no way the Trojans lose this game. It is hard to imagine a world where Karl Dorrell is going to out-coach Pete Carroll. But then, you would have figured the same thing with Mike Riley, right?

  • Carroll is not going to be the coach for the Arizona Cardinals. Carroll might someday want to prove that he can coach at the NFL level, but don't look for that to happen this year. Especially for a team like the Cardinals, even if Matt Leinart is the quarterback.

  • Romeo Crennel received a vote of confidence from the Browns ownership. Why are they giving up on this guy so soon? Less than two years in, and he is already getting the "vote of confidence."

  • Heard there was an NFL game on Thursday night. Would have been nice to see it. The LA Rams were the first team to televise all of its games in 1950. Imagine how sad this would be for people who remember when the Rams played at the Coliseum. Guys like Steve Bisheff. Glad he didn't live to see that happen.

  • The Colts apparently have signed Ricky Proehl to replaced the injured Brandon Stokley because Peyton Manning refuses to take the field unless he has at least one white wide receiver. Did you notice that Manning is not in that commercial where Tony Dungy is calling the signals of a Colts quarterback on a date. Manning refused to do the commercial unless Kenny Chesney was involved.

  • Jack Del Rio is not interested in coach Alabama. You have to give the Southern schools credit for their arrogance in believing that NFL coaches will leave their gigs to go to a school like Alabama that has unreasonable expectations. Yeah, why not leave your high-pay NFL job to take a position where you will get fired one year removed from a 10-2 season. Jacksonville is likely not the highest paying coaching job in the NFL, but it has to be better than coaching at Alabama.

    But why did Alabama stop short at Del Rio? Why not go after Bill Belichick? Don't sell yourself short, Alabama. Everybody wants to coach there.


You have to feel sorry for Jay Cutler right now, who is the most popular man in Denver, only because he is not Jake Plummer. But it seems that expectations are going to be a little high. Denver fans aren’t exactly realistic when it comes to their teams. And they are going to expect the Broncos to win the Super Bowl without Plummer in the game. It is not going to happen. Sure, you can point to Ben Roethlisberger and the job he did as a rookie, but that is not going to happen again.

And Guest Hater, Conrad Bain, had this to say about The Chargers.


Conrad Bain said...

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone in Denver expecting a SB with Cutler. None of the talk shows are going there. Most callers to sports shows say that they've pretty much given up on the season, but are looking forward getting a look at Cutler.

Oh, and Santa, please rat fuck the Chargers.

NFL Adam said...

Maybe it is Southern California Broncos fans. There are a lot of them out here.

Diane said...

We moved our season seats for the Rams the year they sold about 40 seats near us to Broncos' fans. The only significant difference between Broncos' fans and Raiders' fans is the inclination to dress like gay orange cowboys instead of Road Warrior extras

NFL Adam said...

They are totally obnoxious, right? There was a bunch of them that used to hang out in one of the bars in Downtown HB, but I think that group has disbanded.

Diane said...

Totally obnoxious

Seitz said...

This former SoCal Broncos fan agrees with Conrad (Former SoCal, that is, still a Broncos fan). They weren't going any with Plummer, and I suspect they won't go anywhere with Cutler this season. But I doubt he'll be much worse, and it makes them better next season that they would if they left Plummer as the starter.

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

There is large Bronco contignent at Draft Choice in Laguna Nigel.

Conrad Bain said...

I saw some Bronco fans driving between Garbage Grove and Santa Famunda. They were awful. The children had hair on the roofs of their mouths. And the parents had bladder conditions that prevented them from running at high speeds. I sold them my season tickets almost instantly.

Diane said...

CB - did you throw in all your gay, orange cowboy gear for good measure?

Conrad Bain said...

Not just gay, Diane, but double gay! It's even twice as bad as gay.

Come on, honey. Call me double gay. And then spoon some of those green beans on my tray so I can move along.

Diane said...

CB - I'm not suggesting that you Broncos fans are homosexual, I'm suggesting they are obnoxious and badly dressed, or if you prefer, double obnoxious and badly dressed - move along now

Conrad Bain said...

I'm neither a Donk fan nor gay. But if you need to call me one of the two, I'd much rather be called gay.

Big Ten Guy said...

So how's that UCLA thing working out for you, anyway?

Ohio State should be matched up against Wisconsin in the championship. At least it wouldn't be a rematch, and it would be better than watching one of those dickless two-loss teams wasting everybodies time.

JichaelDick said...

All fairness to Alabama, Del Rio's name never came up during the coaching search. However, you can go after their arrogance for thinking one Chucky Gruden would leave Tampa and come to Tuscaloosa.

Anonymous said...

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