Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tiki Barber Model Teammate

With the playoffs still within reach, Tiki Barber has his mind on the White House? Really? Barber told DC reporters this week that football hasn't always been on his mind.

"During the week I am sitting in a meeting and instead of being solely focused on the Washington Redskins I will be thinking about other things. In the off season for instance I had a chance to come down your way for the White House Correspondence dinner. These things became more important to me than being up here working out." Barber said.

You must be thrilled with that comment if you are one of the few remaining players on the Giants who actually cares about, you know, football. At least Eli Messiah at least pretends to like football (but you know his brothers and father pushed him into it.) Barber has pretty much admitted that he doesn't really care that much about football. Brandon Jacobs probably cares. Why not give him the carries against Washington?

What's funny is that this isn't a bigger story. Allen Iverson was crucified for not wanting to practice, yet Barber gets a free pass. Iverson was a bad guy and a malcontent. Barber just has perspective. The media never gets on Barber's case. Well, except for Tom Jackson and Michael Irvin. Two guys Barber called "idiots" for saying that he would become a distraction.

Look at who the idiot is now.


Anonymous said...

First off, it's BRANDON Jacobs and secondly, as a Giants fan, I'd rather have Jacobs back there pounding the shit out of the rock over Tiki.

Except for, say, a situation when his number is called to run a stretch on a 4th and 1, but I can't ever imagine Tom Coughlin calling a play like that in an important game because that would be pretty moronic, oh wait...

NFL Adam said...

He called a pitch out, instead of running it up the gut. Horrible play call; worse execution.

DAWUSS said...

... and I'm sure in 5 years Peter King and Joe Buck are going to guarantee him a first-year HOF Ballot

Tman said...

So will Tiki interview himself to see if he deserves a shot at the HOF?


That'd be funny if he had some sort of twin who ALSO played football except that he played defense so nobody cared about him and then.......what?.....what's everybody lookin at me like that for?