Thursday, December 07, 2006

THN Sports Figure of the Year

The Hater Nation participated in Mr. Irrelevant's survey of the Top 40 sports figures of 2006. Yeah, a bunch of Internet dorks trying to be funny with their list. So of course this site was involved.

The following is THN's ballot and hey, we want to be like the cool kids too, and ask you to vote on the THN's top sports figure of the year. The list has been narrowed down to 10 personalities. Please vote in the poll in the left-hand margin. Vote as often as you would like, results will be read on New Year's Eve.

But, knowing this site, it will be more like March.

Dishonorable mention: Paris Hilton, Bono, Kelly Monaco, Joe Buck, Dude that head butted that guy in the World Cup, Kobe Bryant, Ben Roethlisberger, Anna Benson, Terrell Owens, Brenda Warner, Stacey Keibler, the Japanese Baseball team, Michael Strahan, Caps-lock comment guy and Matt Leinart.

  • Cowgirl. The Sports Dork if he had just a pair of fake boobs.
  • Jason Juiceambi. If Lattemer from The Program was an NFL player. And seriously, what steroid causes the film?
  • Kenny Chesney/Peyton Manning. Who can forget this?
  • LaDainian Tomlinson. There are still people who think the Chargers got ripped off in the Mike Vick trade. They are Raiders fans.
  • Archie Manning. The NFL's version of a soccer mom.
  • Brett Favre. Admit it, your heart skipped a beat when Tony Kornheiser mentioned the all-time interception record on Monday Night Football. It was either that, or Taco Surf's carnitas tacos.
  • Steve Bisheff. THN forces "The Bish" into retirement. What other Internet site has forced a columnist to pull the hair out of his head?
  • Eli Messiah. So the Giants gave up Merriman, Rivers and Kaeding for this guy. Nice trade. Why do teams still deal with San Diego?
  • J.J. Manning. The long lost Manning brother surfaced during another Duke choke.
  • Art Shell. This guys carried THN during the bleak February months. He has given birth to the golden age of the Hater Nation.

Be sure to vote.


DAWUSS said...

Where the hell is the enitre Michigan Wolverines squad?

Conrad Bain said...

Where the hell is the enitre Michigan Wolverines squad?

They're probably doing the same thing Texas, Oregon State, and UCLA did before meeting the Trojans... shopping for Astroglide, plunger handles, and ear plugs.

Kelly Monaco said...

You are going to regret leaving me off the list.

NFL Adam said...

That's a different list and you are still on it.

Conrad Bain said...

Oops, sorry... make that Astroglide, plunger handles, ear plugs, and Kelly Monaco.

Jake Plummer said...

I'm surprised I am not on the list.

Coach Khjafdlk;jadnheafski said...

What the fuck? Where am I?

NFL Adam said...

Dude, you spelled his name wrong. It's Coach Krzykjhyygujhhijkolkadanski.

Greg Gibson said...

man, great list. But what about me? The Double Fucking G?

Anonymous said...

What about Conrad Bain? He carries this site.

Conrad Bain said...

Don't involve me in this. House of Bain has our own awards show coming. Ye shall know us as The Blog That Smiteth.