Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More BCS Mess

Ohio State coach Jim Tressel is getting some heat for not filling out his ballot for the NCAA coach's poll. Because that thing is like, totally scientific. If you are going to upset about anything, be upset that the poll even exists. Tressel spends so many hours breaking down film on his opponents, it is obvious he is not kicking around to watch a late-night Arizona State v. Nevada game.

To be truthful, it's not much worse than the writers, who are likely well into their cups or fourth bowl of pudding by the time your average Pac-10 game starts.

Some Michigan fans might be upset with Tressel for abstaining, hoping that a conference coach would throw its team a bone. Fair enough. But you know who you should really be pissed at? Lloyd Carr. What the hell is he thinking? Carr has as vote in this coach's poll, right? So why didn't Carr vote Michigan No. 1 and then leave Florida and the rest of the SEC off the ballot? Sure, it's kind of a chicken (expletive) thing to do, but he can worry about that after he plays in the national championship game. What a weenie. A coach needs to do this to show what a farce the notion of a coach’s poll is. And really, Tressel should have done the same thing, too, because he would rather play Michigan anyway.

WHAT's THE deal with Urban Meyer? This guy was campaigning to get Florida in the title game. What? Why wasn’t Meyer stumping for undefeated Boise State? This is the same coach who felt that his undefeated Utah team deserved a shot in the championship game. Why did he change his mind here?

THE BEST part of this, is all of those people who still like the BCS system because a playoff would ruin the sanctity of the bowl games. Yeah, because USC and Michigan both seemed thrilled to be going to the Rose Bowl. Look for fans of both sides to avoid the game, leaving only those LSU fans who pre-bought non-refundable Rose Bowl tickets with their Katrina money, thinking that USC was good enough to hold off UCLA. Yeah, at least the sanctity is still in tact.


Seitz said...

How about the dude that used to coach WSU who voted Florida #1 over Ohio State?

Tressel spends so many hours breaking down film on his opponents, it is obvious he is not kicking around to watch a late-night Arizona State v. Nevada game.

This has been my argument for the abolition of the coaches poll. I don't want the head coach of my favorite team to vote. I want him to, ya know, do coach stuff. If they'd just be honest and call it the "Sports Information Directors" poll, we could all finally give it the respect it deserves, which is none.

And say what you will about the pre-BCS system, but back then, there were almost always at least two, and maybe three or four bowl games that had national championship implications. Now we have one championship game, and a bunch of games are no more meaningful than the Freedom Bowl.

NFL Adam said...

The Freedom Bowl was cursed the moment it passed over No. 20 Cal State Fullerton for un-ranked Iowa and Texas in 1985.

Sun Devil said...

ASU v. UNR was like 3 months ago. But thanks for pointing out a game we won. Holler.

And don't focus on the bullshit USAToday Coaches Poll - focus on the bullshit that is the Harris Poll. It carries the most uninformed and least qualified panel.

The national champion is whoever the AP decides it is, not whoever carries the "official BCS" ugliest trophy in sports.

DAWUSS said...

NCAA BB style playoff for football, with the Rose Bowl being the championship game. 'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

As long as USC gets punked, I'm fine with the BCS.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

i'm on board with the meyer comment. though adam, he woulda been lobbying for utah. just cause.

Woody Hayes said...

I want to punch that Urban Meyer right in the mouth.

Bo Schembechler said...

Hey, get back here an put some more coals on the fire.