Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Model Teammate Strikes Again

Remember when rumors were circling about Troy Aikman's sexuality? His handlers responded by putting him in a commercial where a hot chick sacks him during a pick-up football game. Peyton Manning's people did the same thing with his latest Visa spot, where he picks up the spirits of some movers, the Starbucks guy, the paperboy, etc.

But as much as Manning's handlers would like to foster his image as a model teammate, he just keeps sticking his foot in his mouth. Said Manning after the loss to the Texans:

"It is what it is, we are what we are. It's not like basketball where you can play on both sides of the ball. You can only control when you are out there. When you are out there, your job is to score more points. We needed to score more points today."

In other words Gomer is saying that if he was playing defensive back, the Colts would have like, the best defense ever. Manning obviously feels that it is nearly impossible to score the same number of points that his defense continues to give up on a weekly basis.

Yep, model teammate.


NFL Jennifer said...

Really Manning, is that how it works? If you score more points you win. Wow, thanks for that. I was a touch confused how this whole winning thing happened. I was under the impression that defense wins games.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any more photos of the Oregon cheerleaders. I like those.

DAWUSS said...

Wait... Didn't he blame himself for the choke against the Patriots in the AFC Conference game a few years back?

And also, it's MasterCard, not Visa.

And Peyton needs to be the coverboy of Madden 2008.

And Peyton would be ideal for a condom ad, especially when it comes to "protection" (about the O-Line)

Anonymous said...

DAWUSS said...

Wait... Didn't Deion Sanders doubleup as a WR/CB one year? And doesn't Mike Vrabel also play TE as well as OLB?

That excuse doesn't hold up

Diane said...

I hate Eli and Archie, but I kinda like Peyton's Master Card commercials. The one with the wig and 'stache, not so much.

How long ago were the talking heads babbling about the '06 Colts going undefeated?

DAWUSS said...

"How long ago were the talking heads babbling about the '06 Colts going undefeated?"

Or the '05 Colts for that matter

Peyton Manning said...

If you are like me, you too have some "protection problems." But now that I use Trojan condoms, I no longer have those protection problems.