Friday, December 08, 2006

Checking In With The Raiders

It has been a great season for the Raiders. The special team’s coach pushes an intern, yells at people and tries to start fights with players. And nobody cares. Not until that coach kills somebody. Although there is no guarantee of that.

But here are a couple of stories for you to enjoy. The sad thing? Raiders fans have rolled over and no longer care about their team. The pride is gone. It’s almost not any fun anymore. Almost.

Links: The Raiders and Bengals change address. The Raiders draft preview: Brady Quinn.


DAWUSS said...

Just Quinn, Brady!

Diane said...

A Commitment to Obsolescence

Signal to Noise said...

Brady Quinn will be a jackass and try and pull an Eli on the Raiders.

I am all for this.

OSU fans will then consider Troy Smith dead to them after he's drafted by Detroit.

Ohio Raider said...

We Suck Again!