Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bonds to St. Louis? No Brainer

Why didn't anybody think of this before? Barry Bonds is a natural fit for St. Louis. You can't imagine a better place for Bonds to be. St. Louis is a perfect town for enablers. They gave a murdering showgirl millions of dollars to bring the NFL back to town. Sure the streetlights don't work and the schools suck, but they have NFL football back! There is no doubt, the self-described best fans in baseball would embrace Bonds with open arms.

Tony LaRussa is the perfect manager to deal with Bonds. Not because he is some master motivator, but who, other than LaRussa, has been a bigger conduit to steroids? LaRussa not only caused the steroids outbreak, he drove the monkey to the airport. LaRussa allowed Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco to shoot-up under his watch, brought McGwire to St. Louis and has now allowed to Albert Pujols to consume steroids like Wade Boggs drinks beers. No, St. Louis is perfect place for Bonds.

And the best part? That self-satisfied (expletive) Joe Buck would have to become a Bonds defender because he would never dare say anything negative about the Cardinals.


BALCOguys said...

How did you get a photo of these steroid jerks together?

NFL Adam said...

Google search, "steroid jerks."

Joe Buck said...

It would be disgusting to have Bonds here. Our fans may be extremely fat, but they are passionate. And that dick from Deadspin probably agrees with me here.

West Side Slant said...

I hear Yakult is beautiful in the summer. He can go be a Swallow for all I care.

DAWUSS said...

In other news, Michigan lawmakers are demanding a playoff system for Division I-A college football.

Sore losers