Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Maloof Brothers Can Go To Hell

The Maloof brothers have done a lot of the NBA. Really, for such a homophobic sport, it is refreshing to see the NBA and its players accept two openly gay owners. You must credit the Maloofs, who have opened the door for other minority owners such as Arte Moreno and Robert Johnson.

Recently, the duo have been twisting the arm of Sacramento for a new arena. Nice try. The Maloofs are the owners of the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. The same casino that sells rooms for $400/night. The same casino that has over-priced clubs selling you a $250 bottle of vodka, that is probably a watered-down brand in a Grey Goose bottle. The same Palms Casino that is building a new tower. These a-holes also appear in an insipid Carl's Jr. commercial where they chase down burgers with a $6K bottle of wine.*

And these schmucks want the rubes of Sacramento to pay for their new arena to house the Sacramento Kings? Again, nice try.

The city of Sacramento strongly voted down a sales-tax proposal that would have built a new arena to the Kings. So the crybaby brothers turned to David Stern in an attempt to get a new building. But you all know that this is nothing more than posturing that will allow the Kings to flee the California capital and end up in Las Vegas. These goons should not pretend and just move.

That way, their new dazzling stadium can be filled to capacity with LA fans who cheer when the Lakers eliminate the Kings from yet another playoff series. Seriously, do they actually believe that Las Vegas is going to support a team other than the Lakers? Ha. They might as well see if they can play afternoon games at Staples Center like the Lakers freshman team.

In other words, the Maloofs can go to hell. Kind of like how the voters of Sacramento already told them.

*Seriously, Martin estate. You can say "no" to some commercial endorsements.


Signal to Noise said...

It's nice to see at least a few cities stand up for their taxpayers on these attempts to cry poverty by franchises.

That commercial was absolutely horrid.

insomniac said...

They did not want the people of Sacramento to pay for their new arena at all. The Maloofs intentionally sabotaged the referendum with bad PR such as the Carl's Jr ad so they wouldn't have to stay in Sacramento.

Can you blame them? If you had the choice between Sacramento and Las Vegas, I'm sure you'd be sipping a $6,000 bottle of bordeaux on tv too.

benny said...

I have not see the commerical. Maybe because in Jacksonville, FL we don't have a Carl's Jr.

Rich billionaire owners should not need taxpayer money to ever pay for a stadium. It's beyond stupid.

Maybe they are setting up to a move to Las Vegas.

Diane said...

just think of all the money they can make with video poker machines installed in every arena seat