Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cheating Broncos Fined

And not for the Scott Stapp haircut, either.

Broncos center Tom Nalen has been fined $25K for his cheap shot on Igor Olshansky and the subsequent beat down he received. Olshansky was fined $10K for playing the Tom Sizmore to Nalen's Heidi Fleiss.

The Broncos, for whatever reason, are livid about this. Really? Olshansky should not have decked Nalen in that spot because it cost the Chargers a 15-yard penalty. (Like really, did you think Jake Plummer was going to lead them to a touchdown?) But Nalen’s cut block during a spike play was far more cowardly. What a total female dog move. Nalen and the Broncos should feel lucky that all he got was a beat-down and a $25K fine.


Diane said...

is that his official team photo or a mug shot?

West Side Slant said...

I think him and Chris Kaman go to the same stylist

Conrad Bain said...

Give the guy a break. That photo was taken right after Clarice Starling freed him from Jame Gumm's well.

Patrick Lane said...

Boston College pride right there lol