Thursday, November 16, 2006

California Sports Hall of Fame

The California Sports Hall of Fame was recently founded by Christian Okoye to recognize the top figures in California sports history. Because really, when you think of California sports, you think of Christian Okoye.

The Nigerian Nightmare.

The CSHOF is actually a good thing. It now gives guys such as Tim Brown something to shoot for. The inaugural class was pretty good, as you would expect. Chick Hearn, Magic Johnson, Eric Dickerson, etc., they are all there.

But there was one glaring admission.

Steve Bisheff's toupee. As first reported here on THN, the Bish was bought out recently and his last day will be November 30. So the Bish's toupee certainly deserves this honor now more than ever. When major California news has happened, the Bish's toupee has been there. Often scooping stories long before his owner got there.

So please, help us override this injustice and sign our petition to get Steve Bisheff's Toupee elected into the California Sports Hall of Fame.

And keep an eye out for your invitations to the Roast of Steve Bisheff.


bucky said...

I see you took my advice. Good for you.

Oh yeah, did I happen to mention that I'm not licensed in California. . . . ?

Anonymous said...

enjoy hell.

The Double G said...

Enjoy it while you can. Our lawyers are checking on the legality of this whole thing. They will be in touch

The Bish's Toupe said...

Thanks for the shout out.

West Side Slant said...

Bish's toupee is a shoe-in for the Hall. But who is going to induct such a fine hair piece? Legend has it that back in the 80's, Bish frequently had that carpet cleaned by the crew over at Zzzz Best. Clearly the person best suited to induct Steve's ear to ear shag is Barry Minkow. I mean, how much could his speaker fee actually be?