Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Randy Moss: Froot Loop

It seems as though Randy Moss has either become criminally insane, or he is trying to be his best George Costanza impersonation in order to get traded away by the Raiders. This week, Moss takes on the co-star of Broken Arrow.

No, not him. But Randy lashing out on John Travolta would have been kind of cool. Instead, Moss is lashing out at Howie Long for taking too many pills during his playing days. Seriously.

Other Froot Loops: Willie McGinnest, Ozzie Guillen and Jim Otto.


PTPers10 said...

I didn't know you AOL scooped you up too? Well I say bravo to Ted Turner, that was the smartest thing he's done since he got Jane Fonda to sign a pre-nup.

Vegan Viking said...

Players need to learn that even if they are right, they shouldn't lash out personally at members of the media. They can't win. The media members have more access to criticize back at the player, and the media members are (usually) better trained at language to criticize back successfully.

NFL Adam said...

Good point, PV. And thanks for the comment PTP!

Chumbawomba said...

How come this post didn't piss off the resident fake black guy?

Sun Devil said...

Next up: Cory Lidle: Froot Loop.

Don't be pissed, this is the HATER nation after all