Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Proof that God Loves Us

That man about to receive the "F-U" from John Cena? That's Kevin Federline. And it was the highlight of the WWF's Monday Night Raw. The only thing sweeter would have been to have him on a harness that malfunctioned as he fell 100 feet into the ring. Steve-O and Chris Pontius also were destroyed in the ring by Umaga.

The UFC could learn a lesson here. This is what people want to see. Quasi celebrities getting beat. Nobody wants to see that fake martial arts stuff. That is what Bruce Lee movies are for.

Reader B Spears sent in the You Tube Video. You can catch it here.


Jackie Chan said...

Did you just say Bruce Lee's Kung Fu was fake?

If that IS in fact what you are trying to say you are the dumbest motherfucker on the face of the earth.

You wouldn't know real martial arts if I kicked you in the grill.

You are a freakin Caucasian, what the fuck do you know?

All you jackasses have contributed to the world of martial arts are douchebags like Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Steven Seagal, clowns all.

Chuck Norris said...

I really enjoyed theose endless, "Facts about Bruce Lee." Oh wait, there weren't any. It's all about me, bitches.

Sun Devil said...

Pro Wrestling is for 12 years olds. Please, next time, change it to SportsCenter.

Women's sports are better than Pro Wrestling.

And if you are going to rip on NASCAR, you can't watch pro wrestling. That would be an inherent contradiction.

NFL Adam said...

The WWF is way different than NASCAR.

TheBigO said...

Not really they're both for brain dead, inbred white boys.

NFL Adam said...

BigO, what an ignorant thing to say.

TheBigO said...

It's true. Fine I'll take part of it back, wrestling is enjoyed by brain dead jackasses of all races, but Nascar, nope, just brain dead, inbred white boys. BTW, this whole damn site is ignorant than a muthafucka, so don't throw stones.

NFL Adam said...

You are right about this site. So we don't mind it. But for you, the standard bearer of sensitivity, it was a little bit odd for you to throw around such terms.

TheBigO said...

Which "Terms" would those be?