Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Nice Base Running, Dodgers

It is a pretty surreal experience following a baseball game on stat tracker and trying to figure out how a single by Russell Martin turned into an unassisted double play.

It was even worse on the replays.

Jeff Kent and J.D. Drew were both gunned out at the plate as Dodgers third base coach Rich Donnelly apparently channeled the spirit of Dale Sveum, the former Red Sox third base coach who drew criticism fduring Grady Little’s tenure in Boston. You had to imagine that Paul Lo Duca enjoyed sticking it to his former team. Even more so if he had a bet on it.

It is a shame that baseball fans in Southern California didn’t get to hear Joe Morgan’s expert commentary. It was likely something along the lines of, “Wow, you don’t want to get two people thrown out at the plate at the same time.” Thanks Joe, you are a big help.

  • What is Major League Baseball thinking starting the Mets/Dodgers game at 1 p.m. Pacific and saving the Yankees for the night cap? Yeah, why would you want to have the Mets in prime time and the Dodgers at a time that would afford their fans a chance to see their team at a reasonable time? Most Dodgers fans would likely have only missed the first couple of innings (in a perfect world, without a rainout). Watching the game from the third-inning on would have been like being there for most Dodgers fans. They could have even turned off the game early for the full effect.
  • The Yankees had better be constructing a retractable roof for its new stadium. That is two rainouts in two seasons.


Sun Devil said...

Lo Duca is the shit. But then again, all Sun Devils are.

GlorifiedJC said...

I heard you only need a pencil to get into dumbASsU -- Talk about a pathetic school.

If I was dumb enough to have gone there - I certainly wouldn't tell anyone.