Thursday, October 19, 2006

NFL Stadiums A Terrorist Threat?

An Internet web site has posted a threat indicating that “dirty bombs” would be detonated this Sunday at NFL stadiums around the country, including Oakland—to which the league said, “We dare you to blow up Oakland. In fact, we will remove all security because we know you don’t have the balls to blow up the Coliseum at 1220 Stadium Way (be sure to take Hegenberger Road from the airport). We know you terrorist punks would never think to blow up the support beams on the East side of the stadium to take out Mount Davis. We dare you, you jerks! In fact, we'll leave some parking for you.”

Government officials were quick to denounce the threat as not credible. Still, Arizona Cardinals coach Dennis Green was taken in for questioning, as some law enforcement officials have speculated that he was calling in a bomb threat to get Sunday’s game in Oakland canceled. Likewise, the San Diego police offered Steve Foley as a suspect. The threats also were used to explain why the Dolphins signed Marcus Vick to their practice squad.

"We need to protect overselves," Dolphins coach Nick Saban said. "And you know Marcus will be packin."

The league, however, is takign the threat seriously. The NFL is considering playing all of Sunday’s games at Giants Stadium.


Diane said...

So the NFL has been looking out for us so cal folks by refusing to put an NFL team in LA/OC? sweet!

Alberto Gonzales said...

WE know where you live.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

bad sign when dennis green doesn't want to play the raiders. when thinking about it, wouldn't it be fun to see the press conferences if Green WAS the raiders' coach?