Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Giants Get All the Breaks

At least the NFL is no longer trying to mask its favoritism for the Giants now that back judges are throwing themselves into opposing players to give the Giants a touchdown. Like what happened to the Cowboys Roy Williams on the Giants opening drive. Obviously giving the Giants an extra home game last season was not enough, the refs are really taking it to an extreme this year.

The situation had gotten so far out of control; you figured that one of refs was going to jump on Tiki Barber’s errant fumble. It is surprising that the officials didn’t rule a “down by contact” because you know the thought at least crossed their mind.

And what about the replay challenges? The Giants have never lost a replay challenge, like ever. Never, never, never. Anytime a referee sticks his head underneath the hood to review the video, they are greeted with a picture of Opie Goodell giving them the finger and threatening to sleep with their wives. How on Earth could a referee look at Eli Messiah clearly fumble a football and rule it an incomplete pass? Oh yeah, he plays for the Giants. That would have been ruled a fumble for 90 percent of the quarterbacks out there. Luckily, until the league learns how to surgically give Eli a pair, we won't have to worry about the Giants making it to the Super Bowl.

  • Note: Tiki Barber is set for a career in acting after his performance following the fumble. Nice of him to lay on the ground for a few extra minutes during a prime time game so the booth could rave about him. Somebody has been well-trained in the Rod Tidwell School of Performance Art.

  • Lil’ Hater’s addendum: Hey look, the Giants might not get an extra home game this year (but don’t bet against it), but they also will get the advantage of a home night game as NBC has exercised one of it’s “flex picks.” Great, more Tiki in prime time. I would like to mention the big upside of Barber retiring this year; hen he gets his totally undeserved, laughable HOF induction, we’ll be able to see the modern game’s Interception King (Favre) and Fumble Leader inducted on the same day. Why not induct Norv Turner, the Biggest Loser Coach Ever, that day too.

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insomniac said...

He seems like a nice enough guy, but I'm already tired of listening to Tiki Barber. I really hope he gets a job on the Today show or something so that I don't have to worry about seeing him on my television for the next five years.

Diane said...

I always kind of liked Tiki Barber - Ronde Barber too. It's not Tiki's fault that he has to play with the lame ass spawn of super agent Archie Manning. And isn't it about time for ESPN, HBO, NBC, CBS and/or Fox to do an update on how Archie and his wife are recovering from Hurricane Katrina?

chris said...

Nice sarcasm, but you're totally wrong. That was the first replay challenge the Giants have won all year. No way in hell they've been "getting all the breaks".

Critical Sports Blog said...

Barber doesn't get into the HOF. But he does get to sleep with Joe Buck.

Hatriot said...

It must be Autumn. The days are getting shorter. The leaves are turning colors. And Bitter Plowboy Honk is fighting to repress the realization that his team is an utter and complete fraud. Why, it seems like only yesterday Plowboy Honk was crowing about what a difference maker O.D. was going to be. Well, to be fair, this squad might be not be pulling out those very impressive home victories against the Texans without him. I guess the real question is, now that the "America's Team" is on the ash heap of history, what should Plowboy Fan call his team?

1) Home of "Jap" Plays
2) NFC East's Warm Apple Pie With A Hole In It
3) First 100 Fans Get To Make Motorboat Noises Between Parcell's Tits

NFL Adam said...

The refs didn't really need to give the Giants any help, seeing that Drew Bledsoe and Tony Romo were giving the game away.

The most laughable notion is that the NFC East was supposed to be the best conference in football. Yeah. The Giants are still flawed and Eli Messiah belongs to the wrong family. The Eagles are going nowhere. Dallas is awful and Bill Parcells is the most overrated coach in NFL history. And the Redskins? Bah.

Anonymous said...

You motorboating son of a bitch. You filthy sailor, you!